THUNDERBIRDS MARINE is pleased to be part of the OCEAN Posse

and will offer discounts to members for various services
  • 15% off for nightly rates
  • 15% off weekly Rates
  • 30% off monthly rates
  • 20% off Haul Out services- Vessels up to 13 tons
Thunderbirds Marine - Placencia - Belize
Our facility is situated on 10 acres in Placencia Village and located on the lagoon side.
It is approximately 2 miles north of the opening to the lagoon. There is 7 feet of depth available the entire way.

Full Service Marina and Yard Services offered:

  • Full Service Marina with water and shore power available
  • Liveaboard is OK but we prefer No pets
  • Vessel Haul Out and storage up to 13 tons. Heavier haulouts can be arranged with some coordination.
  • Mercury Marine Dealerย and Service center
  • Inboard services
  • B&G/Lowrance/SIMRAD dealer. Sales, installation, service
  • We are the largest supplier of marine supplies in the country. We can distribute around Belize.
  • Indoor and outdoor storage
  • Fuel Station and Convenience Store
  • Fishing Tackle
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • OEM Boat Builder
  • Barge and Salvage services
  • Access to our Organic Garden
  • Wifi Access
  • 24 hour security and video surveillance


We are located outside the village itself so access to the local stores, bars, restaurants is typically by taxi or a golf cart rental.

It’s important for folks to understand that we are a working marina. We service all the local resorts boats and outboard engines. Activities from these operations sometimes start fairly early. Especially during the high season. Boats and vehicles begin moving around 5am. Machinery movement typically begins around 7am. The marina itself has a lot of traffic in and out due to the fuel station. But its very easy access from the lagoon and larger boats have no trouble maneuvering in the marina.ย  It’s a very active place throughout the day.
Due to Covid, we are operating under reduced staff and hours. However, as the tourism begins again, I expect to go back to normal operating hours of 6am to 7pm every day. We are open 365 days per year. I typically carry a staff of roughly 25-30 people during normal operations.
I live on site and can be accessed via this email or on my Belize Cell number. My Whatsapp is connected to my US Cell number which isย +1-916-257-6700.
My Son Matt is my assistant Manager and his cell isย +501-627-1582 he also uses his US cell number for his Whatsapp account. The number isย +1-916-257-7773
Matt can help any time I can not be reached.
We prefer email or text over radio communication. But we do loosely monitor VHF channel 12. Please don’t rely on this though.

Max draft is 7’6″ at high tide. We do posted max length or width only because it’s usually the lagoon depth that is the limiting factor. ย  We have 2 berths for 100 feet long boats of that size. The rest are for 45 and under.

Thunderbirds Marina Map
Thunderbirds Marina Map

Doug Ingersoll

CEO-Managing Director

Thunderbirds Marine

A Hard Nine Company
(916) 253-3700 US Office
(916) 257-6700 US Cell
(916) 626-4434 VOIP
+(501) 670-3737 Belize Office
+(501) 624-1411 Belize Cell
VHF 12 loosely monitored

Thunderbirds Marine Website

Safe way points: Maximum draft 7.6 feet at high tide !


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