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Much as our ancestors did ages ago, we thrust forward into the unknown.

Pioneers set forth on an uneasy course, just as we are now facing history and
certain adversity while we aim to thrive.

1) Pictures of the Week

The shark ate my tuna…

          ate my fish
Sharks 2 Bonzai 0 for tuna dinner while under passage.



Bob & Margie


Pool under construction at Chiapas Marina

Bill & Lisanne


Catch of the week !


Jeffrey & Paula


Brian & Tracy


Finding one part on board tearing it all apart aka boat yoga


Nick, Gema & crew


Admiral’s dress code under stay in place orders

Suzanne & Dietmar


2) Nicaragua to Mexico – Arrival

We just wanted to update you, that Happy Dance arrived in Chiapas Mexico at 0700 April 26. We had an easy 3 day passage from Puesta del Sol, and we’re very happy to report that we’ll be going to check into Mexico in the morning!!
One funny note, (at least it’s funny now), is that an email from the US Embassy was sent to my inbox two hours after we left the dock in Nicaragua, advising us that the Nicaraguan government had agreed to let us stay! Timing is everything..ha!
I should also note that in all the confusion while we were figuring out the situation in Nicaragua, the people at Puesta del Sol couldn’t have been nicer. Robert, the owner, was making calls on our behalf, Juanita was keeping us informed, the Navy was friendly, and of course all our fellow cruisers were offering plenty of moral support. Special thanks to Vicki on Taliesin Rose for getting us groceries!
We plan to stay here for the month of May while we fix the prop seal, and wait to see what happens next in Mexico.

All the best,

Sue & Marty


3) Country Updates

Mexico 13,8421,305†
implemented temperature-screening measures at some of its airports.
Passengers with abnormal temperatures and travel to high-risk areas might be subject to additional health screening.
Several ports have restrictions on movement – clearing in and out of Chiapas and Ensenda is still possible
Guatemala 473 13†
full lock down – no entry permitted – Curfew extended
El Salvador 298 8†
full lock down – no entry permitted

Honduras 627 59†
full lock down – no entry permitted

Nicaragua 13 3†
closed as of this week – no entry permitted
On Wed Apr 22 unofficially
(and not publicly) closed its borders to entry of recreational boats.
From this moment Marina Puesta del Sol will not be able to receive boats.

Costa Rica 695 6†
full lock down – no entry permitted
existing tourist visas have been extended curfew to may 15 th

Panama 5,538 159†
Panama – 14 day quarantine has been obtained by some in internal movements

The Civil Aeronautical Authority (AAC) of Panama extended the suspension of international flights to the country until May 23.
The airports have been closed since the early hours of Monday, March 23, as a sanitary measure due to the advance of the corona-virus. The measure was originally adopted for a month, but this Monday, April 20, the AAC announced that the ban will be extended for an additional month.
The resolution was published in the Official Gazette, and bears the signature of the AAC director, Gustavo Pérez. These actions are based on information provided by the Ministry of Health, regarding the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in other countries.
Read here AAC Resolution No. 53 of April 14, 2020.

4) Vessel Locations

1 BAJA FOG Barra de Navidad, MX      
John & Monique
3 TALIESIN ROSE puesta del Sol, Nicaragua      
Victoria & Rowan
4 THISLDU Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua      
Garrett & Audrey
5 LUNA barra de Navidad, MX      
Bob & Kris
9 CARINTHIA barra de Navidad, MX      
Dietmar & Suzanne
10 SEAGLUB san jose del cabo      
12 JEAN ANNE Chiapas, MX      
Steve & Chelsea
13 SINGULARITY Vista Mar, Panama      undefined future
Robert & Carol
16 © ENJOY in bocas del toro – hanging well      getting a lot of work 
Don & Nina
19  ©  KNOT RIGHT Vista Mar Marina, Panama     separation – nothing 
Walt & Jeariene
20 ©  COMPROMISE Marina Chiapas, Leave boat on the hard      no issues leave 
Ronald & Karen
23 TOP CIDER Chiapas, MX      
Chuck & Sharon
25 HALF MOON Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua      
Brain & Elizabeth
26 MADELEINE vessel in el salvador      
Huibert & Maaike
27 ANGELIQUE Florida      
Dan & Angela
29 DELTA SWIZZLER Tenecatita – 9 vessels      
Mark & Cindy
30 FIREFLY las hadas       
Brenda & Ted
34 ONE LIFE barra de Navidad, MX      
Doug & Mary
37 WISHLIST las hadas – life copy       
Chris Brenda
40 AVANT Shelter Bay, Panama – vessel is in panama – we are in rainy Canada     linton bay marina – are abel to accept vessels and able to update to – 
Rob & Debra
48 © DENOVO Boat is Puerto Pensaco. MX – we are in canada      
Andre, Naomi & crew
50 ANDURIL Chiapas, MX      
Alice & Greg
51 GREEN FLASH California – vista mar in boat       
Bob & Joan
52 BONZAI key west florida – cases are climing in mx – all marinas are closed – anchoring out in key west
After 1.5 years from leaving California we have now arrived in Key West Florida. 
As Mexico is escalating into a level three for the virus we recognized things in the
US were on the back side of the bell curve and found a weather window. 
Bonzai utilized an agent that is on staff at Puerto Isla Mujeres Marina and it was
worth every penny for efficiency. 
450 miles later in 60 hours we are here.

    processed thorugh staff – cbp roam app – ke west maintain social distancing 
54 STAND DOWN vista Mar Marina, Panama      
Richard & Nancy
58 KATHLEEN barra de Navidad, MX      
Robert & Karen
59 RAVEN barra de Navidad, MX      
Neil, Tammy, & Jan
61  © WILDEST DREAMS chiapas, MX      
Grant & Michelle
64 SECRET WATER la paz, mx      
Annie & Chris & Crew
65 WOODWIND 1 paradise village – boat projects – rest down – yacht club does take out – run       
Brian & Tracy
67 CHIMERA costa rica      
Dennis & Margaret
69 ALIZANN still at red frog marina  remain in place   full lock down – week to week decision – keeping the boat top operational 
Martin & Suzanne
70 FLOATING STONES bahamas      
Bryan & Cheryl
74 MAISON DE SANTE barra de Navidad, MX      
Keenan & Nicole
85 FOLLOW YOU FOLLOW ME San Diego      
Allan & Rina
88  © SEA LARKS Chiapas – fleet start moving – en route to       
Jeffrey & Paula
95 WAVE DANCER costa rica      
Vladimir & Galinda
96 MALOLO in manzanillo – las hadas from ixtapa       
Matt & Britt
99 HO’OKIPA Barra de Navidad, MX     until further notice all good 
Lisa & Lucky
100 VOLARE Barra de Navidad, MX      
Jessica & Adam
109 JOY Barra de Navidad, MX      
Jeff & Roxanne
117 PILIALOHA maina chahue with a care taker – we are in hawai       
Rick & Maria
121 ANKYRIOS barra de Navidad, MX      
Dennis, Brandy & Crew
124  © INDEPENDENCE  raotan  barefoot key marina went way for the hotel – west end – smoky –     serious – sneaking in – still on lock-down – people are hanging low 
Larry & Jamie
125 LILY ROWAN marina chahue      
Jim & Zyanya
129 © NESHUMA on the hard at mazatlan marina      
Carl & Cynthia
131 MAR Y SOL Marina Vallarta, MX      
Bob & Marisol
138 BLESSED LIFE doing great at marina pez vela – weather rain – contract end of fall      tip with the boat bond – 
Bob and Margie
143 ©  SEA GLASS panama      
149 © MOIRA in bahia ballena – weeks and weeks – plan is weathe r- may to hawai       
Nick, Gema & crew
152 © SUSIMI Barra de Navidad, MX      
Paul & Hazel
157 SOL GOOD boat is in vitsta mar – cornado panama      all 
161 ©  SPREZZATURA Curfew expanded to the end of may  sat and Sunday closed down       
171 GenM in marina la paz – maintence – all on lock down      canal not go out after 10 PM – 
Marvin and Laurie
176 REEF DANCER staying put for the foreseable      duffy is very quiet …
Jerry & Debra
178 Happy Dance Chiapas, MX      

5) Severe Weather Alert

NHC is issuing advisories on newly formed Tropical Depression One-E, centered as of 8 a.m. PDT over the open waters of the eastern North Pacific Ocean about 730 miles (1175 km) southwest of the southern tip of Baja California.

This marks the earliest formation of a tropical cyclone in the eastern North Pacific basin since the satellite era began in 1966.

The depression is moving toward the northwest near 7 mph (11 km/h). This general motion is expected for the next day or so, followed by a turn toward the west on Sunday.

Maximum sustained winds are near 35 mph (55 km/h) with higher gusts. Little change in strength is anticipated today. The system is forecast to become a remnant low by late Sunday. It is not a threat to land.

The next advisory will be issued by NHC at 2 p.m. PDT –


Rob & Debra

6) a non-Panama Posse vessel’s actions in Costa Rica during the lock down

… based on your recent lock down update we spotted a boat named Malolo and his owner /captain Rick Appel. (not Panama-Posse)

…this boat showed up here right before Samana Santa (Easter) directly from Panama.
Borders closed and he landed on our fuel dock. No zarpe no nothing totally illegal in every way.
The agencies and Peninsula management went nuts because Panama is considered a Covid 19 hot spot and the border is closed to prevent these arrivals.
He basically showed up and said I don’t care what you have to do,
I am out of fuel and on my way to California. If you have to arrest me then go ahead and arrest me.
…. to say this was a complete fiasco is an understatement. It took our lawyers and all of the agencies working
overtime to workout a solution for this idiot. In the end Immigration, the health ministry, the Port Captain and
Aduana all agreed the best solution was to sell him the fuel and send him away.
We had to suit up one of our guys in haz mat gear to pump the fuel.
… still dealing with the fall-out from this as we still could be fined for allowing the boat into the marina.
This has placed our concession at risk because this was ultimately considered a Health Ministry violation and they have a lot of power in Costa Rica.
The issue is, we didn’t allow him to come in. No radio call no nothing he just charged in and dropped lines before my guys could get to the
end of the fuel dock placing the marina, our staff and fellow mariners at risk.

Marina Papagayo

7) Official Dinghy Dock Petition in Zihuatanejo, MX

In 2019 we officially petitioned Zihuatanejo to put in a dinghy dock – this was 14 months ago.

While cruising is severely impacted by the C19 virus our petition still stands.

If you know of any other locations you wish to have a dinghy dock please let us know


– Well maintained stable floating dock to adjust to tides and water levels protected from waves
– Handrails from shore to the Dinghy Dock with non skid surface on the plank – Small strong galvanized marlin cleats with ability to run chain through
– Long Painters on Each Dinghy & Dipping the Eye Use only one line. Do not tie bow and stern.
– Ability to lock dinghy to dock with a long chain and padlock
– Do not lock out other dinghies – Throw-able Life ring with floating line – No fishing allowed / No Swimming / No fish cleaning – Well lighted area with 24/7 video surveillance – Guarded or in “shouting” range of authorities – In cellphone and VHF rage of the main anchorage
– Nearby road to hail taxis, buses or uber and walking distance to town – Ability to load and unload packages and provisions
– Establish a No Wake Zone
– Potable water spigot to take on fresh water / wash dingy
– Trashcan
– Message Board for relevant announcements
– Do not lift engine up to avoid damage to other dinghies

8) A BIG thank you to our Sponsors

Official Panama Posse  Sponsors, Partners and Ambassadors

  • Marina Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta – Mexico 
  • Marina Puerto de La Navidad – Barra de Navidad – Mexico 
  • Marina Ixtapa, Ixtapa – Mexico 
  • La Marina Acapulco, Acapulco – Mexico 
  • Marina Chiapas – Mexico 
  • Marina Bahia del Sol – El Salvador 
  • La Palma Moorings – Bahia del Sol, El Salvador 
  • Marina Puesta del Sol – Nicaragua 
  • Marina Papagayo – Costa Rica 
  • Marina Pez Vela – Costa Rica 
  • Banana Bay Marina – Costa Rica 
  • Vista Mar Marina – Panama 
  • Shelter Bay Marina – Panama 
  • Red Frog Marina – Panama 
  • Bocas Marina – Panama 

Official Panama Canal Agent

Official Panama Posse Ambassadors

Panama Posse Partners

9) The 2020-2021 Panama Posse is forming
and 38 vessels have signed up already.

This season will end on June 1st – Line group will stay open – but not monitored
and we may continue the Saturday extraordinary calls for another few months.

Our goal is to expand the Panama Posse route in 2021 with a northbound
leg from Panama to the Keys in the Caribbean a.m.o. stay tuned for details.

To sign up for next Panama Posse season – please reply with – “sign me up”.

9) Please reply to this email with any
and we’ll include it in the next Fleet Updates


Dietmar & Suzanne
SV Carinthia

10) opt-out from the Fleet Updates simply reply with “REMOVE

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