FLEET UPDATE 2018-05-13

1)  Season finale Panama Posse Celebration Party at Vista Mar Marina our Panama Posse Headquarters

Boga BAr

Wednesday May 23rd at Boga Bar 
5PM – 8PM – Free beer from 5:00 – 6:30 PM

Free fixings – but bring your own proteins to BBQ

PLEASE RSVP for an accurate head-count and
email us your favorite pictures from this season !
(simply reply to this email)

2) ANNAPURNA – Panama
Congratulation to S/V Annapurna on there successful 1 day crossing through the Panama Canal and into the Caribbean Sea! The Posse line-handlers were from S/V


Annapurna with help from Easy, Interlude and SEA GLASS


Debbie, Rob, Mike, Mike, Chris
(note thank’s Chris, Mike and Mike – for helping folks through the locks)

3) NICARAGUA – San Juan Del Sur

      Posse in San Juan Del Sur

The Posse rode into San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua… Susie & Neal off Distant Drummer, Lucy & John from Maraki (going north?), Renda & Ralph Hewitt with Eagle Dancer, your San Juan del Sure, Nicaragua host. Sundowners at Henry’s Iguana then dinner, drinks, Dancing at the upscale Black Pearl.
Next as a group is Sunday brunch @ “Tree Casa” resort. Fun Times in Nicaragua, ( if you want to get off the boat here Ralph offers a full 50% Panama Posse discount at his place )

      Posse Ambassador in San Juan Del Sur

Ralph Hewitt
Panama Posse Ambassador in San Juan Del Sur and all around good guy to know

4) CHANTEY – Mexico
Enjoying our pit stop in Bahia Santa Cruz, Huatulco.
Port Captain was happy for us to anchor in the bay, as long as we paid port dues at API office
(pictured, next to La Guardia on Pemex side of Darsena) Cost $302mx for 8 nights. Based on 2 people, 15.5 ton boat.

Celebrating arrival in Chiapas with beer and internet! So who is still in El Salvador? Our next stop…

Ivan &
Ivan &

Ivan & Jane

5) SUGAR SHACK – Cost Rica

Hello Everyone
  I was able to put the official Columbia Guide in my Dropbox folderโ€ฆplease let me know if you can access it from here.

If your heading to Costa Rica, Iโ€™d highly recommend a tour at Monkey Mangrove Tours with Crazy Alex. He does all the bird calls, monkey calls, and other animals. Explains all the flora, plants and CR history too. Super fun $45/pp


Matthew & Christine

6) CARINTHIA – Panama

We took a day sail route  to get from IGY – Marina Village Golfito Costa Rica to Marina Vista Mar – Panama
This route has several stunning anchorages, schools of dolphins, chrystal clear waters and breathtaking vistas
We saved the tracks as we found ourselves sometimes sailing on land and dodging mis-charted rocks and reefs.
If you want them simply email back and we’ll send them to you.  (bold = 3g/4g cellphone coverage)

Golfito – Punta Balsa     55 nm
Punta Balsa – Isla Parida NE – Playa del Socorro  47  nm
Isla Parida – Bahia Honda     55 nm
Bahia Honda – Isla Santa Catalina  – Bahia Naranjo     55 nm
Bahia Naranjo – Playa Venao     55 nm
Playa Venao – Isla Iguana     18 nm
Isla Iguana Marina Vista Mar     51 nm


Overview of route


Approaching Isla Parida


Vessel at anchorage at Islas Secas


Threading the needle between Isla Brincanaco (right) towards Isla Uva


Isla Uva


Inside Passage to Bahia Honda (via Isla Medidor)


Secluded Anchorages along the way


Little churches on the shores of Isla Cebaco


Bahia Naranjo ( more howler monkeys here )

The most difficult part is of course ( other than many mis-charted rocks and reefs) is of course the aptly named
Punta Mala and the push north against prevailing winds and current to Marina Vista Mar – we opted to go around Punta Mala
at slack tide and quickly had to tuck into Isla Iguana to avoid the following steep chop of rip tide currents and headwinds.
Wait for a coastal low and used the lifting southerly winds for the final 50 nm push (bash) to the Marina.
Another option is the keep a foot on the shore or alternatively tack out and back to Islas Perlas.

See you at this season’s final Panama Posse Celebration Party on
Wednesday May 23rd Vista Mar Marina in Panama !


Dietmar & Suzanne

7) PINEAPPLE – Costa Rica
We (Pineapple) are wrapping up a short stay in Golfito CR, and I just wanted to put in a plug for the hospitality at Fish Hook Marina.We’re anchored out front (near Marc Blaquiere and Laura Blaquiere on Liquid, hi guys) and we’ve used Fish Hook’s dock a few times over the past couple days. Jose greeted us and offered to help with laundry, WiFi, showers, etc. We took them up on the laundry service ($20 for two loads), dropped off trash, and had lunch at the restaurant, which is pretty good and moderately priced (by Costa Rica standards).We just finished checking out of the country and will get underway toward Panama tomorrow!

Hey Posse! I just learned that the Clipper Round the World race fleet is expected to arrive in Panama City (from Seattle) May 23-27. They’ll be berthed at Flamenco Marina before transiting the canal, then at Shelter Bay before starting their next leg to New York. Could be a cool thing to see if you’re into ocean racing or even just really big sailboats


John & Michelle

8) VOLANTE III – Costa Rica
I have question for the group. I am planning on getting a one year cruising permit in Panama. US boats only until your USCG Documentation expires. Along with that you get a cruising visa matching the permit. I am planning on flying back to the states but on return they would give me a 90 day tourist visa. Does anybody know what needs to be done to make sure I get my cruising visa back when I return back on an airplane. |
( note – please contact Marina Vista Mar for details c.ramos-00@hotmail.com and jacquelinepetti@grupocalpe.com.pa )

Today I went for a hike into the foothills alongside Golfito, Costa Rica. Besides getting some great views of Golfito and the bay below, the area has a lot of animals. Well, today I was in the right place at the right time. I got to see at least 100 monkeys. This area has trees with berries and it appears the monkeys really like the berries. They were not concerned with my being right below them, so I got a lot of great pictures. It was impressive to see. The hardest part was only choosing a few pictures to share on Facebook.




Stellar Sails and Canvas of Costa Rica came to our boat to pattern the new dodger for Cinderella. David Ware (speaks English and Spanish) has been awesome to work with and we highly recommend his expertise. He is based inland but will travel to boats in transit. Contact him for your canvas and sail needs and tell him Cinderella sent you!

David Ware www.stellarsails.com Phone: 8995-9770

For all your inflatable repair needs in Costa Rica, located in San Ramon. The valves and innards were tired and leaking on our rare little sailing dinghy the Tinker Tramp. We got all 4 valves replaced and a few other hypalon additions. One week turnaround and they did a professional, clean job. They also have various parts including stainless bolts, thru hull fittings and other random things that came with Cabo Rico sailboats. The factory is really cool and I bet they’d even sell you an apex dinghy – they also offer trades. We saw many a tired West Marine dinghy there https://www.facebook.com/APEX-BOATS-CRYC-394818664036798/

Pavao, Pajo & Ava

10) MOBERT -Mexico   

We’re getting a late start south, headed to Barra de Navidad today. Can anyone explain the marina and anchoring situation there? Pros and cons and costs? I hate to ask, but we discovered yesterday that our Pacific Mexico book only has the first half! Weird printing defect, there’s a new cover at page 122 right in the middle and the entire book starts over.

๐Ÿ™‚ I’m lost without it! Thanks so much.

This is the start location of the Panama Posse – and well documented on our website at

Note: from Pineapple

Once you pass the breakwater, you can choose between the marina and anchoring in the lagoon. Straightforward channel to the marina and then past marina is lagoon. Very shallow entrance to lagoon, recommend high tide and following Sean and Heather WP exactly to avoid getting stuck in the mud: 19ยฐ11.715’N, 104ยฐ40.803’W; 19ยฐ11.512’N, 104ยฐ40.605’W; 19ยฐ11.376’N, 104ยฐ40.457’W. We anchored and then went into marina, both very nice. Water taxi monitors channel 23 to take you into Barra. Marina has a resort for some pool time and laundry.
Devon & Rich
(we need your pics please)

For folks who have been recently… do you recommend a stop in Acapulco? Not super interested in sight seeing but considering a one day stop over on our way to Huatulco and a possible costco run. We’ve heard from Mexicans that it’s a little rough these days. Frankly, we could easily skip it and go straight through. Personal experiences and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

(Note :
Vicente Herrera, phone +52 744-439-8184 for USD 10 a day moorings fuel – water – transportation  a.m.o.)Victoria & Rowan
(we need your pics please)


Manu Kai spent the evening in Garza, a beautiful bay south of Tamarindo. Fireflies and distant lightning lit up the sky and even though we tucked behind the reef it was a bit rolly. Went ashore with a fun surf landing to explore, cut open coconuts and finish installing our dingy wheels.

Motor sailing now to make some water as we start heading toward Mal Pais at the tip of Guanacaste.Weather looks favorable for the next few days to anchor along some of the fun surf spots. Any boats in the area?

Thor & Tanya & crew

13) BERTIE – Panama

Bertie is heading back from the Galapagos, likely leaving Monday or Tuesday morning, heading to Panama for a haul out, then … we shall see!!


Maybe we will be back in time to find and attend that party I read about a while back. We loved the Galapagos and will be happy to answer any questions when we get back to Internet in Panama!

Peter & Heidi

14) XENIA – Costa Rica
Xenia has left Bahia Del Sol heading towards CR!

Mike & Tara

Keep ’em coming