FLEET UPDATE 2018-06-01

1) THIS IS   last fleet update for this season – but

please let us know where you are currently and any word’s of wisdom for next season’s Posse. and we’ll send out one more and  final location report.

Please include your future cruising plans or if you plan to participate in next season’s Panama Posse (2018-2019) season which starts in October.



2) TAPPAN ZEE – Ecuador
Hi Folks.  Tappan Zee is in La Libertad, Ecuador, at the Puerto Lucia Yacht Club marina.  We arrived about a week ago after a 16 day trip from Bahia del Sol, El Salvador.  Distance covered was about 1300 nm, complicated by currents and 6 degrees of being in the Monsoon Trough.  We learned how to navigate around squalls and occasional thunderstorms while in the trough and were on a beat for about 10 days, often motorsailing due to no or contrary winds and currents. It was, however, a wonderful, peaceful passage with an eventful equator crossing ceremony witnessed by a pod of whales.

Ecuador has been another welcoming country with helpful marina staff.  Check-in was easy, with all officials coming out to our boat.  The outstanding parts were that they asked for our yellow fever certificates and a document showing that I was licensed to operate the boat.  Luckily, we had the yellow cards and my WA State registration worked as the license since it said โ€œWashington Licensing Departmentโ€ on it and had the VIN number of the boat. We were not asked for insurance documentation of any kind.  The officials really liked our boat stamp.

The weather is good with no storms or serious rain and it is cooler here due to water temps in the mid70โ€™s.On the downside, the marina has some surge and a constant sheen (sometimes more, sometimes less) of crude oil coming I assume from the oil pipelines leading through this area to a refinery nearby. There is a haul-out yard here that looks good. The yacht clubโ€™s pools, restaurant, gym, etc. are available at no additional cost.  A mall and other services are nearby.  One interesting thing is that there are few people at the yacht club in this winter season and no-one living on their boat except us.  Also, there is no expat community that I can find.  We do miss the wonderful cruising community.

The name is the Puerto Lucia Yacht Club in La Libertad, Ecuador (near Salinas).

(note from the marina:
A few months ago the Ecuadorian Government ruled that an agent is no longer required for clearing.
This represents savings for you, because we will assist you with the local authorities. We do have availability. Our rates are ( 11 meters mono hull ) :

1 – 3 months Floating Docks South   U$ 701
1 – 3 months Hardstand  U$ 842
Travel lift in and out U$ 591

Travelift 50 tones (100,000 lbs)(45,360 kg) – 20 feet – 6.1m clearance,
Puerto Lucia Yacht Club,Avenida Puerto Lucia,La Libertad, Provincia de Santa Elena,Ecuador, South America,
VHF Ch 19A (Mo-Su 09h00-17h00),
Location 02 13.01 S  , 080 55.28 W
Phone 593.4.278.3190
Cell 593.9.8.669.5053

Thatโ€™s it.  We will be flying to the Galapagos to visit the islands soon and then touring Peru. 

We expect to be sailing back to Costa Rica and Panama in about six months.



Annie & Tom

3) PANAMA POSSE – Vista Mar Marina

The end of season party and successful conclusion of the Panama Posse was held at the Boga Bar at Vista Mar Marina Panama Posse Headquarters.

Video by Mike – SV Easy




4) SUGARSHACK – Costa Rica

Our insurance carrier approved a haul out in Quepos so we will head there tomorrow.
Weโ€™ve found a professional electrical/refrigeration company, AG Marine in CR whom we will probably work with once we have an idea of the complete damage. We have thoroughly enjoyed our short time with the PP and look forward to the 2018-2019 season which we plan to participate. The FB page has been a great resource and the members have provided fantastic feedback for our strike recovery. Please thank everyone for us. Fair winds.

Arrived in a Punto Quepos bay about 1 mile from Marina Pez Vela where we will be hauled out for a damage assessment on Friday. We had a slow and easy day… made water (water maker still works), listened to the mini boom box, and had a reefed jib out for a bit. We even did a load of laundry (one more thing that still works) .. all went well. Used our handheld GPS and charts on iPad as instruments are fried. In a rolly but quiet anchorage. Using WiFi from the marina which says itโ€™s actually 1.5 miles away, in the National Manuel Antonio park. Anchoring was fun as Matt was at the helm and I was inside yelling the depth (as itโ€™s only working on the gauge inside)

Sugar Shack is on the hard at Marina Pez Vela Boat survey done, team working on initial estimate,
short term housing secured, and rig survey scheduled for Friday. Moving along.


Matt & Christine

5) PANAMA POSSE – Costa Rica

Weโ€™re sorry we canโ€™t make it for the party but Neil and Suzy on Distant Drummer and Mike and Tara on Xenia have just checked in to Playa del Cocos and are here with the Maraki crew. . . . so weโ€™ll be partying it up over this way!

Have a good one!!


6) LORIEN – Costa Rica

We are in Costa Rica at Marina Papagayo and plan to keep the boat here for the summer while we visit kids in Portland. We are in the process of putting the boat to bed and is our first off season where winterize is not part of our vocabulary. We have taken almost a month to explore northern Costa Rica and it has felt like the best โ€œcruising groundโ€ we have had in a while. The marina here is nice and Dan, the manager is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Marina pricing in CR is a premium but I feel good that the boat will be well looked after here. We decided to stay here because it is a sweet spot being far enough south to mitigate hurricane risk but less rain (65 inches here and 220 inches in the south). Hoping that rain correlates to frequency of lightning strikes. Plan to come back here in August then on to Panama. Look forward to more time in Central America and hope to be more active on this group next season. We were late joiners this year.  Fair winds,


Chris & Julie

7) MANU KAI – Costa Rica

Manu Kai checked out of Golfito and are leaving this morning for Panama after a stop at Matapalo for one last surf at Pan Dulce. Loved Costa Rica!

We have been loving Costa Rica. Spent our time hopping down the coast with some really fun stops and adventures. Highlights have been all the fun surf spots and Manuel Antonio. Spent a week anchored in Biesanz Bay just south of Quepos. Biesanz is a beautiful bay and an easy place to place to explore the area. Only way to beach is a walking trail or by boat so felt safe leaving dinghy. Local guys are super nice and are there all day/night and without asking kept an eye on our dinghy. We did an amazing white water rafting trip with Amigos Del Rio, spotted tons of animals while exploring the park and rented a car for the day to check out old stomping grounds of Domincal. Alamo picked us up at the top of the trail and returned us as well.


Great restaurant called Falafel Bar at the top of the hill in Manuel Antonio. Drake Bay was nice stop over for one day and night and then an early departure to Matapalo for surf. We thought we would anchor at Pavones for the night but the anchorage looked a bit uneasy with the building swell . We were pressed for time to make it to Golfito before dark. We had to move fast to try and outrun a very ominous squall while heading straight into a less daunting one in order to make the channel before dark. Our kids had fun being log and panga spotters on the bow wearing snorkel mask and getting pelted with the rain. We made it in just before dark with water tanks topped off and some really clean decks.


Pura Vida


        RAIN WATER

Thor, Tanya & Crew

8) VOLANTE III – Panama

Volante III and crew are now in Vista Mar marina. Going around Punta Mala was an unevent with nothing but flat seas.
Tomorrow we are off to Panama City and then the Panama Canal.



9) LOCO DREAM – Welcome to the Posse – Costa Rica
s/v LocoDream ….. just got into Costa Rica and we are anchored at Cocos…..any info on checking in ?
( note – email sent to on check in procedure)

Welcome to
      the Panama Posse


Puerto Armeulles Update. The swell is starting to make the surf landing pretty sketchy so you are way better off using the old rusty ladder at the pier. Just remember to put a stern anchor out on the dinghy to keep it from bumping on the pier while you are gone. Also donโ€™t forget the 10ft tides when you tie it off to the ladder or dock. ๐Ÿ™‚

Donโ€™t let that stop you from checking in here. Omar makes the process easy and all the offices are close together. It cost us $352.

Please note the anchorage is rolly. To do it again we would put a small stern anchor out.

(note EASY:
I took about 3 weeks from Gallito to Vista Mar Marina. Then about a week later rode a bus to Flamingo and checked in. It was free. Being in the marina I don’t need the $185 cruising permit. I believe the cruising permit is $185ish up to what ever size then sure it rises from there.
Also 6 months visa, seems to be standard for passports)

(note SEA GLASS:
Don’t really see any point to check in at Puerto Armeulles unless you plan to stop at Isle Coiba. That is the only place you may be borded. You will also be asked to pay $100 a night to anchor there so can’t imagine anyone stoppi g for that. Next check in spot in country is Vista Mar Marina where you can stay as long as it takes to get to Panama City (We waited 2 weeks) and they don’t care knowing they should come to the marina but don’t.

We checked out today so our quick guide to Golfito is now complete! Let us know what you think. ๐Ÿ™‚



Marc & Laura

11) TALIESIN ROSE  – Mexico
Does anyone have a recommendation for a canvas person in Huatulco?
Also any recommendations for sightseeing while we are here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

(note: please email us your head shots so we know what you look like)

12) GADABOUT – Panama

For any boats still heading toward Panama City, we had a very good experience at La Playita Marina. Jose, the dock master, is super helpful providing information, scheduling work (i.e, bottom cleaning) and finding qualified help for special projects. Also, we used Mario as our taxi driver as much as possible. You can find him in the marina parking lot; his car is the one with an Israeli flag on the inside of the windshield. We hired him for a full day to take us for a propane refill, PriceSmart, auto parts stores, etc. He speaks decent English and is a gem to be around.

Hola Posse peeps! We are departing Panama City tomorrow. After a couple of nights in Las Perlas weโ€™re heading to the Galapagos for a few weeks then on to French Polynesia. Itโ€™s been great getting to know so many of you and we hope to cross paths again. Fair winds!
S/V Gadabout


Wags & Paula

13) XENIA – Costa Rica

Posse party at Coconuts at Playa Del Coco. Special guest Gordy Lee. Super fun! Xenia, Dream Catcher & Distant Drummer. Then lots of Beeโ€™s on our boat as we rounded Playa Del Cocos this morning. Good times & Brews!


Mike & Tara

14) AVANT – El Salvador

Weather, weather, weather . . .

We all have a favourite weather app or model to use when planning passages, but I have found that that level of attention is not warranted when at anchor or in a marina. But I still want a forecast every day, just in case I need to prepare for *something*. There is a zoned forecast updated every 6 hours from the National Hurricane Center of the National weather Service you can subscribe to get in a text email format via saildocs. Background on these forecasts can be found at
You can see a sample of what you will get at https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/experimentโ€ฆ/epoffshores/โ€ฆ/WRKOFFPZ8 .

To subscribe to a free daily text format email for a zoned weather forecast from Mexico to Panama, send an email to query@saildocs.com with the text โ€˜sub OFFPZ8โ€™ in the body of the Email, and it will start a 14 day subscription, sending you the text every day for 14 days. For a longer term subscription, send โ€˜sub OFFPZ8 days=30โ€™ for a 30 day subscription, or change the โ€˜30โ€™ to the number of days you want.

More information on how to use saildocs, vary the timing of the subscriptions, cancel subscriptions, get other stuff sent to you, etc. is available via saildocs.com .


Rob & Debra

15) CARINTHIA – Panama

Service Providers

Yanmar Service  Pep’s Mechanical +507 6216-2940

Onan Cummings Victron energy tech – Claude Burgess +507 6315 4686 service@gpsmarinepanama.com


Dietmar & Suzanne

16) BERTIE – Panama

We have finally arrived in Panama, and all checked in!! We tried to tune in to the VHF Net that is supposed to happen at 8 am on channel 72, but no one showed up … is there still a VHF Net? We’d love to know who else is here and whether or not the Wednesday evening pizza at โ€œLa Eskenita” is still going on and what time people show up.

Also … when is The Party in Panama happening … I recall reading when we were leaving the Galapagos a couple of weeks ago that its taking place soon – would love some details ~ thanks!!


Heidi & Peter 

17) THAT’s all  for season 1 of the PANAMA POSSE
– the last email for this season will be a summary of everyone’s response to item 1) above

On behalf of everyone thank you for all the invaluable updates, insights, camaraderie, help and discounts
83 vessels particptaed in one way or another in the first Panama Posse – which IMHO has set a new standard for Central America
and there are at 29 vessels signed up for next years posse. So if you enjoyed the coastline and would like to do it again, or know of vessels interested in joining up,
please go to:

The 2018-2019 south bound fleet will meet up in Barra de Navidad in October – November
with route, planning and openCPN seminars starting on Tuesday November 23rd (right after Thanksgiving)

          de Navidad
Panama Posse