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Saturday May 30th, 2020

is the end of season Panama Posse Awards Finale

LINE CALL at 23:00 UTC

Among other things we announce the following awards

๐Ÿฅฅ Picture of the Year
๐Ÿฅฅ Biggest Fish caught
๐Ÿฅฅ Highest wind recorded
๐Ÿฅฅ Biggest Mishap 
๐Ÿฅฅ Most un-welcomed visitor onboard
๐Ÿฅฅ Speedy Gonzales award
๐Ÿฅฅ Panama Posse YODA OF THE YEAR

2) Country Updates C19 Extraordinary Line Call

As of today  here is where each country stands

โ€จโ€จMexico  33,460  3,353โ€ 
– border closings between USA and Mexico but commercial entry permitted

On April 21, the Mexican government announced the start of Phase 3 of the pandemic, meaning widespread community transmission, thousands of cases of infection, and increased numbers of patients requiring hospitalization.
Schools are closed until May 30 in most municipalities.
Non-essential activities have been suspended.  Essential activities include medical services and supplies, public safety, fundamental economic functions, government social programs, and critical infrastructure.
Meetings of 100 participants or greater have been suspended.
Individuals should practice good hygiene such as frequent hand washing and social distancing.
Those not involved in essential activities should self-isolate at home.
People over age 60 or with high risk medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, compromised immune system, pregnant, or post-partum should self-isolate at home.
States and municipalities may implement additional closings and restrictions on public gatherings, transportation, business operations, and government operations.
โ€จGuatemala 967  24โ€ 
– full lock down – no entry permitted  – Curfew extended to April 28th โ€จ
Event: The United States Embassy in Guatemala City advises U.S. citizens that United Airlines has opened multiple flights from Guatemala City to the United States throughout the month of May, including the following flights through Friday, May 8:
Sunday, May 3 โ€“ 12:00 departure (Flight 3011) from Guatemala City to Houston, TX.
Tuesday, May 5 โ€“12:00 departure (Flight 3016) from Guatemala City to Houston, TX.
Friday, May 8 โ€“12:00 departure (Flight 3017) from Guatemala City to Houston, TX.

El Salvador 889  17โ€ 
– full lock down – no entry permitted โ€จ

โ€จโ€จHonduras 1,830  108โ€ 
– full lock down – no entry permitted โ€จ
Additional Flight Opportunities
The U.S. Embassy has worked with United Airlines and the Government of Honduras to secure the following commercial flights.
Departing from San Pedro Sula to Houston, Texas:
Friday, May 8    Thursday, May 14
Saturday, May 9    Saturday, May 16
Departing from Tegucigalpa to Houston, Texas:
Friday, May 15    Sunday, May 24
Sunday, May 17    Tuesday, May 26
Tuesday, May 19    Thursday, May 28
Thursday, May 21    Saturday, May 30
Saturday, May 23    Sunday, May 31
You should contact United Airlines directly at to take advantage of these flights.
โ€จโ€จNicaragua – closed as of this week  โ€จ

Nicaragua   16  5โ€ 

Several airlines have extended their suspension of regular service between Nicaragua and the United States. The following dates for resumption of service are current as of April 28, 2020 but could change:
* Aeromexico service suspended until June 01, 2020
* United Airlines service suspended until June 04, 2020
* Avianca Airlines service suspended until June 04, 2020
* Delta Airlines service suspended until June 13, 2020
* American Airlines service suspended until June 04, 2020
* Copa Airlines service suspended until June 01, 2020
* Spirit Airlines service suspended until July 05, 2020โ€จ
โ€จeverything is closing –

Costa Rica  780   6โ€ 
Costa Rica – Extended their lock-down to June 15th
โ€จCosta Rica has announced that it will close its borders (land, air, and sea) to all foreign travelers entering between March 18 and June 15 (at midnight on both dates).

Panama   8,282   237โ€ 
Panama –  no entry permitted   14 day quarantine has been obtained by some in internal movements – curfew w 1 hour movement x day for mots with 30 minutes based on ID number and day – no alcohol sales – โ€จrestrictions – we do not – in Panama city have been breaking curfew – in particle – the area – show every single infected person – 20 km – from this location – feel rather safe here –  stay on lock down – how – rhapsody – opening up as many curves violations –
The Embassy arrangedโ€ฏforโ€ฏa commercially-operatedโ€ฏhumanitarian flight on May 8 for any U.S. citizen or other qualified traveler able to enter the United States whoโ€ฏhad expressed wishesโ€ฏto depart Panama.โ€ฏโ€ฏThat flight is now full.โ€ฏโ€ฏ
The Embassy is continuing its efforts to identify future flights.  However, there are no other planned flights at this time.โ€ฏ We encourage you to be prepared to remain in Panama for the next 30-60 days, or perhaps more. 
For now, please closely monitor Spiritโ€™s website ( for any openings due to cancelations on the May 8 flight from Panama City, Panama (PTY) to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA (FLL).

Sales of alcohol to start up again in Panama!

3) Vessel Locations

1 BAJA FOG Barra de Navidad, MX – northern californai is oing fine – finally back to work – back in sales – next 
John & Monique
4 THISLDU Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua
  Garrett & Audrey
5 LUNA Barra de Navidad, MX 
  Bob & Kris
9 CARINTHIA Barra de Navidad, MX 
Dietmar & Suzanne
10 SEAGLUB boat is in san jose del cabo – driving around – business as usual – live is normal – strict rules in Baja – noone out an about – word is the hotels are going to open on june 1st
12 JEAN ANNE Chiapas, MX
  Steve & Chelsea
13 SINGULARITY Vista Mar, Panama 
Robert & Carol
16 ยฉ ENJOY we in red frog marina – will be here until 
  Don & Nina
19  ยฉ  KNOT RIGHT Vista Mar Marina, Panama who knows – as far as vista mar – little drizzle everyting is the same – as far a salcohol is concerned – you will obide by rules

Walt & Jeariene
22 DUE WEST Barra de Navidad, MX 
  Kirk & Heidi
23 TOP CIDER Chiapas, MX
Chuck & Sharon
25 HALF MOON Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua
Brain & Elizabeth
26 MADELEINE Vessel in El Salvador
Huibert & Maaike
29 DELTA SWIZZLER Barra de Navidad – food deliveries – restaurants – staying in barra – has 
Mark & Cindy
40 AVANT  incredible bored – broadbad cable – what is yoru thinking at this stage – wait and see – worried about an echo reurgence – at this point – 
Rob & Debra
50 ANDURIL Chiapas, MX
Alice & Greg
51 GREEN FLASH still in so cal – opening up – boat parts – stock up – return to vista mar – dana point lot;s of sail boats out on day sils 
Bob & Joan
52 BONZAI Miami – picked an Anchorage at belle isle – 1 week worth of weather chris parker – monroe county – we are in dade county – 30 – 50 % of activity ft lauderdale – jump to georgia outside

53 GARGOYLE half moon wait for Costa Rica – 
Kevin & Carla
56 NAMAHANA Barra de Navidad, MX 
  Curtis & Jill                          
58 KATHLEEN Barra de Navidad, MX 
Robert & Karen
59 RAVEN Barra de Navidad, MX 
  Neil, Tammy, & Jan
60 BLUE OASIS Shelter Bay Marina, Panama 
Barry & Kathy
61  ยฉ WILDEST DREAMS Puntarenas, CR
Grant & Michelle
63 SECOND WIND heading back to the US leaving the boat in NIC
67 CHIMERA Bahia Drake / Quepos Pez Vela
Dennis & Margaret
  Allan & Rina
86 CONTEXT in San Diego
87 EL GATO Northbound from Barra
  Jules & Jeff
88  ยฉ SEA LARKS Barra in Navidad – fling back to cali 
  Jeffrey & Paula
99 HOโ€™OKIPA Barra de Navidad, MX
  Lisa & Lucky
100 VOLARE Chiapas, MX
  Jessica & Adam
109 JOY Barra de Navidad, MX
  Jeff & Roxanne
117 PILIALOHA good morning – vessel is in Huatulco – no new cases in Hawaii – looking at partial reopening – 35 % unemployment rate – 2 week quarantine – 
  Rick & Maria
121 ANKYRIOS Barra de Navidad, MX
Dennis, Brandy & Crew
129 ยฉ NESHUMA on the hard at Mazatlan marina
  Carl & Cynthia
131 MAR Y SOL Marina Vallarta, MX
Bob & Marisol
138 BLESSED LIFE quepos costa rica pez vela – we are going to stay – we got a tip – 2 year used ernesto – 900 for the documents – one could do it on themslves – july 17th – weather is ramoing up – regular thunderstorms – lots of lighting – quepos – aside from the marina – the rest of quepos seems unconceredn – tourism is shot down – 3 days ago – flower in the rain everything is open – place is pumping – 
Bob and Margie
143 ยฉ  SEA GLASS Panama
152 ยฉ SUSIMI la paz marinas are full – anchorage 30 –   50 feets 
Paul & Hazel
161 ยฉ  SPREZZATURA you can move around within the area – the federal govt removed the restrictions on sales but municpailutes contiune to ban it – 
173 ยฉ BISOU bocas del toro – rainy season – talking about lifting the ban – rainy season – rumor is that airports will open may 22nd 
Robin and Tad
176 REEF DANCER Barra for the foreseeable future
Jerry & Debra

4) Kissing the dock in Costa Rica

As my wife and I were sitting around this week under Californiaโ€™s stay-at-home orders with spring weather and a cool beverage, we were fondly recounting all that we had experienced on our adventure south before COVID-19 forced an unplanned early departure from Panama on an Air Force C-130. One of the things I really enjoy about Cruising is sitting around with fellow sailors hearing their experiences and sharing ours. Since there is no group fireside chatting these days I thought I would share one of our more memorable stories from this past season via e-mail.

I watched in slow motion as the marina staff on the dock were yelling and waving for us to slow down.  We entered the slip next the large sailing vessel sharing our double wide berth and I still remember the look of disbelief on the faces of our soon to be neighbors; I remember the dock in front of us pushing up high enough to see it above the bow anchor; I remember the pangas on the far side of the dock bouncing violently and I remember the splinters flying. What I do not remember seeing is my wife disappearing from the deck at the mid-ship standing rigging. I had accounted for wind and cross-current and had a perfect line coming into my assigned slip at Banana Bay Marina in Golfito, Costa Rica. There would be no entering at a bad angle and scratching the gel coat, no fending off the neighborโ€™s boat; the yachtistas sipping their cervesas and tropical drinks at the bayside bar would be disinterested at the clean entry and would be back to their drinks after a quick glance; the way that conversation pauses and all eyes point toward the new boat coming in, waiting to see if any drama is going to unfold. Well, I did not disappoint. The sight of a sailing vessel hitting the dock at 4 or 5 knots was my own version of shock and awe! 

In calculating my entry to the slip I failed to account for a suddenly sheared clevis pin, unbeknownst to me, inside in my all-in-one throttle/shifting lever. When I did not seem to slow down with the first burst of reverse, I gave it a lot more reverse, which only mad me go much faster. By the time I reluctantly grasped what was happening, it was too late to do anything about it except kill the engine. I was already committed and any turn would have me hitting the vessel to port or starboard on my abort attempt. So I held course and yelled to the 3 marina staff on the dock โ€œNO REVERSE! NO REVERSE!โ€, and braced for impact. Despite the surreal slow motion of the event unfolding before me, I do not remember any actual jolt or impact, though it was enough to catapult my unsuspecting wife onto the dock.  Fortunately nobody on the dock was injured, though my wife had a nasty bruise on her leg for a couple of weeks following. It is the kind of thing that we can laugh about now, but was shocking at the time and caused us both heart palpitations docking at our next marina.

As I jumped off the boat to quickly tie off, things went from slow motion to very rapid motion, my mind was racing and I was imagining the damage done to the dock and boat, the marina manager was yelling at me that I should not be entering a marina without reverse gear (interesting but little known fact), and my wife was giving me a wide-eyed look like โ€œwhat just happened!?” after getting back up on her feet.

As it turned out, I hit the dock at a joint, which caused a fair amount of local dock damage, but also seemed to absorb a lot of the collision energy. Green Flash, our Beneteau 351, seemed to have only suffered some deep scratches to the bow gel coat where the metal dock hardware dug in and matching gel coat smiles on both sides of the bow where it flexed a bit on impact.

After his initial anger, the manager and his marina staff were very gracious about the whole mishap. I spent a couple of days making trips to the local hardware store to pay for repair materials, but the marina completed the repairs using their own staff. We stayed almost a week, but I did not have the thick skin to ask for the Panama Posse discount rate! First, I felt bad about destroying their dock and felt it would be bad form;  secondly, we were one of the first Posse boats to arrive in Golfito this year and we did not want to give the rest of the unsuspecting 2019-20 Posse, who was yet to arrive, a bad name! So after paying for the final dock repairs we checked out and uneventfully left for Panama. We have had a few laughs about the incident since and it made for a good story sitting around the BBQ with fellow cruisers over a beer before the COVID-19 gauntlet fell on all social events!


We are now back home in San Clemente, California longing for things to settle down and open so we can return to Green Flash at Vista Mar Marina, Panama and continue our adventure!


Bob and Joan


5) Termites oh my !

Aaaaahhhh! My neighbor informed me that the โ€œflying antsโ€are not that. They are flying termites! I have discovered shedded wings. That means that they have flown into our boat, shed their wings and are setting up a taco stand. ANYBODY have a suggestion on how to now trap them and then mitigate! When I asked him he just shook his head. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Bob and Margie



Friends had termites take residence. Very hard to get off the boat. They fumigated twice and still have them. The damage they can cause is huge if they get a foothold. Keep an eye out and if you see them aboard use any and all means available to get rid of them. Perhaps the best means are either aggressive fumigation or an ozone generator (neither of which is particularly good for humans, either).

Did a deep dig for my friends. Sadly, there is no magic cure. Poison is the only way. Once they get established, poison is very hard to administer effectively because of the nature of their nests. So step one is vigilance, and if you see them (even one), step two is going nuclear with either fumigation or ozone. Both fumigation and ozone have side effects (fumigation typically damages metals like SS due to its chemical nature, and ozone attacks natural rubber and some plastics due to its nature). Ozone is less dangerous to humans overall IF you ventilate well after a treatment because it leaves no residue.

The problem is that once established, they eat wood on your boat from the inside out. All wood, plywood, mahogany, oak, etc. They donโ€™t leave many access points to their nests to use to get the poison of choice in, so itโ€™s hard to reach them. And if you have 1,000s aboard in a big infestation and kill 9,995, the 5 that got away start up the infestation all over again.

Hereโ€™s an article with some proposed solutions. Problem is, the poison application(s) they suggest only kill those that go out of the wood and nest(s) aboard. It doesnโ€™t take a very large residual population to do serious damage on a boat or re-infest a boat. Do look at the discarded wings at the top of the article to confirm termites vs. Flying ants.






6) Puerto Angel, MX

Taliesin Rose anchored briefly in Puerto Angel for fuel transfer and breakfast.


Waiting for sailing eleven-11 and will continue soon to Zihuatanejo with possible stop in Acapulco.


Victoria & Rowan



7) Marina Chahue, Fuel Dock




Yes you can enter to the marina and get diesel, they have a fuel dock, also you can
leave your boat there for a while to get groceries, there is a big grocery store like 1 km from the marina

Fuel Dock
Jim & Zyanya



8)  Happy Cinco de Mayo – Taco Tuesdays Pictures from the Fleet


Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican armyโ€™s May 5,
1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.
While the French and Spanish did loose Mexico as a dominion they (unfortunately) bequeathed Mexico with their legal structures.
Mexico is working to completely overhaul its justice system…



Keenan & NicoleKeenanNicole



Jeffrey & Paula



Tacos by TRANCE


Dan & Marlene


Tacos by TRANCE

Dan & Marlene

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