FLEET UPDATE 2018-04-08

1) MANUA KAI – Mexico
Hola! Manu Kai is 98 miles from marina Chipas. So far its been great sailing, calm seas and mahi mahi for lunch. Looking forward to inland travels this week. We did have a panga cross our bow early this morning 60 miles off shore with no lights.


Thor, Tanya & crew

2) CHANTEY – Mexico
Itโ€™s very nice here in Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo but now I need vhf rg-213 cable for the radio. Where is the chandlers when you need one
Jane needs to go up the mizzen mast to fit the AIS antenna, she could just swing across to the main mast to fit 85ft of 213
I promised to make a g n t when she comes down the mizzen

( note – there is a Steren store they will make cables for you – http://www.steren.com.mx/steren-ixtapa-zihuatanejo )


Ivan & Jane

3) CARINTHIA  – Costa Rica
Update on visiting Manuel Antonio National Park

We anchored near SV Myla’s Spot @ 09 22.942 N 084 08.855 W in 11 feet

The Park ranger hailed us on VHF in Spanish,  we arrived on a Friday afternoon around 2.33 PM
and told us that we had to pay a park fee and anchorage fee.  The park was closing at 4 PM and so due to the safety of the vessel explained
that I had no time but would stop by the entrance first thing the the next day and would pay for $16 USD per person for normal Park daily entrance fee
and the one time $8.00 USD anchorage fee.

Had a lovely time at anchor and dropped the dinghy at 7 am as the park opens and we landed it near high tide at
09ยฐ 22.8619′ N 084ยฐ 08.8114′ W


We then walked along the beach towards the park trail and main entrance
09ยฐ23.4583 N,  084ยฐ08.7133 W

I would not recommend any of these anchorage in any swell over 5 feet because the swell wraps around and can make things pretty rolly

Spoke  with Ranger Roger Murillo, you can contact him on his cell at +506 8937 9657
or email roger.murillo@sinac.go.cr , his colleagues speak English.

Our recommendation is to arrive at the anchorage after 4:30PM ( everyone is gone ) and
you simply go in the next morning and pay.

The Park can take at least a half  day to explore, waterfalls, exotic birds, Raccoons, families of Monkeys and of course sloths. 

There are many official Park Rangers who can direct you to find your favorite animals.  You can also hire a  personal guide for $25 USD. 

Bring water and your binoculars.

This is our favorite below.


Punta Dominical  – Costa Rica
Anchorage  09 13.624 N 083 50.623 W  14′ feet near low tide – tuck in behind the reef


Dietmar & Suzanne

4) Liquid – Costa Rica
Device Name: SVLiquid
Latitude: 9.77900
Longitude: -84.89597
GPS location Date/Time: 04/06/2018 11:29:27 PDT

Message: This message serves as our one of our traveling check ins. Just letting you know all is ok ๐Ÿ™‚


Marc & Laura

5) DANIKA – Costa Rica
SV Danika is leaving Golfito bright and early in the morning and starting to head back up north so the boat can spend the summer in El Salvador. I guess we are now part of the CounterPosse. Hopefully weโ€™ll run into some of you that are still heading south. Weโ€™ll be in Drakeโ€™s Bay tmorrow afternoon.

Next fall, we are heading back down again to cross to the South Pacific from Panama. Thatโ€™s right- we are going to endure those papagayos again not once, but two more times when all is said and done. Itโ€™s a good thing rum is cheap in Central America. Weโ€˜re gonna need lots of it.To those in the Gulfo de Nicoya – Have you been able to get diesel anywhere?

Sea Glass
– Yes, In Paquera. We anchored at Isle Cedros and dinghy the fuel jugs beside the ferry terminal. We got a taxi (whenever the ferry arrives every 2 hours) the 6km into town stopped at gas station for good diesel and got groceries there too.

Carinthia –
Contact Marina Los Sueno’s Fuel dock ( Herradura Bay ) – you need to ask permission and take on fuel on a slow day email Kchaves@lossuenos.com


Jason & Jenn

6) CINDERELLA – Costa Rica
The gang is all here!


Cinderella, Pineapple, Gadabout and 1/2 of Allante III. Cheers to the Panama Posse, wish you were here.

Pavao, Pajo, Ava, Arthur โ€œWagsโ€,Paula, Michelle & John and Allante

7) EASY – Panama

Easy, Las Iglesias . N 08 11.408 W 082 11.846 23′ Boca Chica 2 miles away. Took dink in got gas for it and SIM card. With Interlude, Halcyon should be here later.

Easy, Punta Del Pozo. Isla Parida. N 08 08.384 W 082 19.316 21.3′ With Interlude, Halcyon should be here later.

Easy: Isla Parida, IguanaBeach N 08 06.119 W 082 22.066 @ 24.5ft Anchored with Halcyon & Interlude. Perfect Anchorage, Beer & Pizza too! Dad’s Dream must stop here!

Easy, Punta Balsa, Burica. N 08 04.631 W 082 50.977 33′ high tide. 8′ tide Serena guide waypoint 49′ very deep then pops up. Interlude is here too.



) AMANTE – Panama
Amante checking in from Marina Vista Mar.  After leaving Golfito I  went around the corner to Punta Balsa for an evenings rest.  Open roadstead anchorage but comfortable and good holding.  I was told by S.V. Rapscallion, whom I passed while sailing out of Golfito, not to arrive at Puerto Armuelles before 9 am or after 3 pm due to overtime fees of up to $300. Be aware of the one hour time change from Costa Rica to Panama.   Checking in at Puerto Armuelles was the easiest one so far.  The port captain met me on the beach, helped me drag my dingy up, checked me in, walked me the 100 yards or so to the customs, immigration, quarantine, and merchant marine offices (all within 50 ft of each other) and got me all squared away.  He even gave me a ride in his own car to the bank to get funds to pay the necessary fees. Bank is only two blocks away. Fees are immigration  $25, quarantine $35, Customs  $20, port captain $6.50 and merchant marine $95.  Port Captains name is Omar and he was a real pleasure to deal with. It’s also a cool town with a cpl of good grocery stores, some dive bars along the waterfront serving ice cold $1 beers and a host of other various shops.  You may want to fill up a few jugs of fuel here via dingy as it may be your last chance till Vista Mar or Panama city. Next stop was Isla Cebaco, another very comfortable and protected anchorage.  I tucked in behind the fishing boats.  Next stop was Ensenada Benao.  It was blowing 25 to 35 from the north but the holding is very good in sand.  Shades of San Juan del Sur.  Best to wait here for a good window before heading up the gulf of Panama, or you may have Nicaraguan flashbacks. 



9) Sea Glass – Panama

Calm, well protected with a huge sea wall. We will be here for a month and a half and leaving SEA GLASS here through the end of this year here. Ask us any questions???

Danika –

Have you noticed a surge in the marina? I am all about the questions today.
Sea Glass –I wouldn’t call it surge. More of some gentle tug on the lines with current from 20′ drop in tides. VERY CALM.

Chris & Amanda

10) RESPITE – Panama
Respite is set to transit Panama Canal on 4/21!! Woohoo

We are looking for 2 line handlers and would love to have a fellow Posse.
Anyone interested?

Chris & Janet

11) MYLA – Panama
We are kind of dead in the water here in panama. Just got a new alternator to correct charging problems, and it works. Great electrician named Tim Valentin. Then replaced thermostat to correct engine overheating issue… didn’t fix the problem. Sea water intake clear. Sea strainer clear. Exhaust elbow has no issues. Any ideas out there?


John & Julie

12) CROSSROADS – Caribbean Trailblazers

4/7/2018 1:35 PM UTC
Position: 16ยฐ30.07’N 080ยฐ12.39’W Course: 350T SOG: 8.6 Wind: 8.6 http://saildocs.com/map?ll=16.50117,-80.20650&z=1 Only about 140 NM to go to Grand Cayman Island should arrive in the wee hours Sunday morning. It’s been pretty lonely out here. Only saw one ship all night and it was miles off. Enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise this morning silhouetted against big billowy cumulus clouds and a rainbow to boot!! The sea is a beautiful cobalt blue, and we are about equidistant from Jamaica to the northeast and Grand Cayman to the northwest. the Caribbean has been extremely cooperative on this passage. Currently enjoying 1 foot seas on our starboard quarter. Diane has not been feeling well so I have been on watch for the past 8 hours but have been loving the journey.


Stan & Diane

13) Picture of the decade – TOTEM
Completed their circumnavigation


99 flare gun salute to TOTEM ( www.sailingtotem.com )
They have completed their circumnavigation while on the inaugural Panama (counter) Posse

Jamie, Behan and kids CONGRATULATIONS


Behan & Jamie & Crew

14) Ask not what the posse can do for you …

–  write your detailed reports
– take pictures
– share experiences
– reach out 
– simply reply to this email –

and most of all have fun !