FLEET UPDATE 2018-05-02


Greetings! Sans Frontiers is at Shelter Bay Marina, on its way to San Blas and Jamaica early June.  Question:  Does anybody as a couple 5 gallon diesel Jerrys that they would be willing to sell, need to be in good condition, at Shelter Bay Marina?

Shelter Bay
      Haul out


2) MYLA – Panama

We are wrapping up the decommissioning of Myla and fly back to the states tomorrow. We are loving Shelter Bay. The Caribbean breeze, the clear water (even in the marina!), the international sailing community with a ton of great tips, charts, etc for cruising in the Caribbean are getting us excited to return. We will come back after Christmas and play in San Blas, and eventually head up to Annapolis, where we just bought a place. Here are some pics of our transit.


John & Julie


Itโ€™s official respites sailing season is completed. We have sailed Respite from Bara Navidad MX toShelter Bay Panama. I have to say that sailing in Mexico is less challenging then the Central America countries. That being said we have seen the MOST amazing sites, cultures and very kind people where ever we stopped. Respite will spend 7 month on the hard while Janet and I head back to Seattle for a few week than off to another adventure as we go to Alaska to work at the Highliner Fishing Lodge for the summer.


We are so blessed to be doing what we have done for the last two winters. We have met some of the most amazing people. That will always be friends and fellow adventurers. The hardest part of this life style is say good bye to our friends. Good Bye friends hope our paths will cross somewhere sometime. Fair Winds and following Seas to AllโœŒ๏ธ
Every Days a Holiday every Meal a Banquet

Respite out of the water

Chris & Janet

(note – safe travels – see you next season ! )


4) EASY – Panama

Panama, getting from Vista Mar Marina to the Port Captain If your staying in Vista Mar Marina, the Marina will give you a ride to Coronado.
The bus says Panama, takes you to Albrook mall ( main bus terminal). Now you need to buy a bus card you need it to board the bus. Then find and board the Amador bus. The farthest stop is the stop you want. You may see the lift at the Falmingo marina. Head to the duty free stores. Enter the building and go upstairs for the port captain and immigrations. Is free unless you get the one year cruisers permit. If your in the marina you don’t need it.
When you return get a Taxi from Coronado to Vista Mar. should be $6. When I asked how much the cabbie said $8. Replied back $5 he said yes. So it is negotiable.
Hope this helps when you get here


5) Golfito Marina Village IGY Panama Posse Party – Costa Rica

        Welcomes the Panama Posse

Andy from IGY – Welcoming the Posse to the new IGY Golfito Marina Village
– free shirts – free beer – free fixings – free wifi – great rates – what’s not to like ?


        HOORAY !

Dad’s Dream – Liquid – Gaddabout – Carinthia – Charly – Sugar Shack – Betty MC – Volante III

Great event – FYI next years 2018-2019 Posse mark your calendars.
IGY Golfito Marina Village Panama Posse Party confirmed for next year Wednesday MAY 1st, 2019 !!!!


6) MANU KAI – Costa Rica

So excited to be in Costa Rica! We had a great passage from Marina Chiapas to Costa Rica. We decided to skip El Salvador and Nicaragua this time as we have a friend on board for two weeks, a great weather window and nice sailing so kept moving south.

Surf, surf surf was the only thing on the mind of Tristan our 15 year old. We just watched Endless Summer 2 (thanks Rum Doxy) in Chiapas and knew our first stops would be in the foot steps of wingbit and Patrick O’Connell.

We stopped for two nights in Potrero Grande. It was a beautiful and comfortable anchorage. Surfed Ollie’s Point and enjoyed amazing sunsets. Left early on Sunday to Roca Bruja aka Witches Rock.  Too much sun but the best wave off his life.

A quick afternoon swim in little bay North of Bahia Culebra and now anchored. In Playa Coco. Checking in this mooring. Thanks SV Carinthia for the detailed check in process. This will make it easy.


Manu Kai

Thor,  Tanya & Crew

7) DAD’S DREAM – Costa Rica

Rincon Anchorage –
At 6โ€™ high tide we were about 75โ€™ from the mangroves in 21โ€™ of water. We dropped the hook in 35โ€™ with only 120โ€™ of chain. Yeh I know, only 3:1 but as steep as the bottom is I have no worries of dragging in towards shore. In the pic โ€œRincon ANCโ€ is the waypoint in Sarana guide. I think Agape is pretty close to it. The bummer with anchorage is the highway is close enough to hear the traffic, be it as minimal as it is, weโ€™re moving tomorrow.

          - Agape

Rick & Brenda

8) VOLANTE III – Costa Rica

Today I went on a tour of the Osa peninsula. Osa has the best rain forest in all of Costa Rica. The thing I donโ€™t like about this area is all the rain. At least half of all the animal species that live in Costa Rica call Osa home. Osa has all four monkeys that are native to North America. Today I got to see three of them, the Holler monkeys, the Spider monkeys and the Squirrel monkeys. Some of the other animals I got to see included Toucans, Macaws, Green Parrots and Sloths both mom and baby. The tour was wonderful, and the guide was great. Oh, and I got to see the impress blue butterflies. Pictures below


9) CARINTHIA – Costa Rica
Land Sea Cruiser Club – Golfito

Another affordable place in Golfito – 2 moorings avail only – but you can anchor out too.
Cruising Critters Always Welcome! ( there are 10+ dogs here)

8ยฐ 37.3261ยด N 83ยฐ 09.1334ยด W

For self sufficient sailors only !

Contact Katie / Tim
VHF 16 ( daytime)
+506 886 9360
+506 2775 1614

Between Fish Hook and Banana Bay

Mooring & and club access 12 USD x day
Dinghy dock usage and club access 7 USD x day

Rooms for rent

Dietmar & Suzanne

10) Welcome to the (counter) Panama Posse
SV CHARLY currently in Golfito – Costa Rica # 81
Andrรฉ-Philippe & Sylvie

CHANTEY – Mexico

We’re catching up slowly! Just need a good weather window for the T-Pec now
We made it 253 miles to Huatulco! You can just see Chantey’s mast anchored behind the cruise ship pier.
And yes, that is a USA Coastguard vessel on the right, they didn’t come to visit us yet…


Jane & Ivan

12) AVANT – El Salvador

Has anyone seen any monocrystaline solar panels for sale in their travels? Only finding poly in El Salvador. Looking for a few 150w units.


Rob & Debra   (reply with info to: rob_murray_@hotmail.com)

13) COLMENA – Nicaragua



(note: from our local ambassador Ralph Hewitt 
What, you don’t like wind? Some years we sail most months with double reff and small head sail. Contact me nicaralph@gmail.comwww.parkavenuevillas. com maybe we can show you around on Saterday. If you have local phone 8717-2649 )

If you missed the free OpenCPN seminars in Barra de Navidad back in November – however the whole shabang of sat charts is in one BIG 2.7 GB zip file for โ€จPanama Posse participants – thanks to the hard work of Marc on SV Liquid – โ€จfollow this link – read up and download them all from

15) SSB Panama Posse Net Reminder
1300 UTC ( 7 am local time ) on 8297 Mhz usb and introduce yourselves to net control 


16) The Panama Posse season will come to a close in June.


The final Panama Posse arrival celebration is scheduled for Wed May 23rd at the Vista Mar Marina in Panama.

Please gather your thoughts send out submission of pictures for inclusion in these Fleet Updates ( simply reply to this email )

Plan to set aside some time to fill out our upcoming survey.

If you want to you can sign up again for the next (2018-2019) panama posse – registration is open already at www.panamaposse.com/sign-up/

Keep ’em coming –