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“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”

Louisa May Alcott


Mexico     848 cases 16 †  

Mexico  – vessels can enter and exit in both ports Ensenada & Chiapas
Marina Coral / Ensenada can also drive across the border (US) as they have commercial license plates and pick up and drop off crew.

Mexico has implemented temperature-screening measures at some of its airports.  Passengers with abnormal temperatures and travel to high-risk areas might be subject to additional health screening.

Guatemala    34 cases 1 † 

– full lock down – no entry permitted  – Curfew extended to April 28th 

The U.S. Embassy has now individually notified all confirmed travelers for the State Department charter flights departing from Guatemala City to Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) airport on Saturday, March 28th and Monday, March 30th.  These flights are now fully booked.
There are two additional State Department charter flights scheduled for Tuesday, March 31st. The U.S. Embassy will notify confirmed passengers by Monday, March 30th if they are confirmed for the Tuesday, March 31st flights. 

El Salvador    24 cases   0 †    
El Salvador – full lock down – no entry permitted 

Humanitarian Flights
* Saturday, March 28 – Houston, TX (IAH)
* Sunday, March 29 – Houston, TX (IAH)
* Monday, March 30 – Washington, D.C. (IAD)
* Tuesday, March 31 – Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

Honduras    110 cases   2 † 

Honduras – full lock down – no entry permitted 

Nicaragua    4 cases   1

Nicaragua – Check in with Marina Puesta del sol 2 days ahead of time
– they will coordinate to send a health inspector out – after which customs, immigration will clear you in 

Costa Rica    295 cases   2
Costa Rica – full lock down – no entry permitted 
- exit not possible due to lack of staffing at govt offices

Panama    901 cases  17
Panama –  no entry permitted   14 day quarantine has been obtained by some in internal movements
– curfew w 1 hour movement x day for mots with 30 minutes based on ID number – no alcohol sales – 

Total lock down.

“Tue, 03/24/2020 – 18:20
The President of the Republic announced this Tuesday, March 24, that the total quarantine (for 24 hours) will be implemented from tomorrow, from 5:00 in the morning.

“As a government, our responsibility is to preserve the health and integrity of Panamanians at all costs. As of 5:01 am on Wednesday, March 25, I declare total quarantine in the national territory indefinitely, with exceptions,” Cortizo.”

People will be allowed out based on the last number of their national id, resident visa or passport. Details to be released shortly.

Planned Military Repatriation Flights (US)
The Embassy is working on two evacuation options via military flights for those U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) accompanying U.S. citizen family members wishing to depart Panama. There are no guarantees of these flights or the space available.
There are two U.S. military air flights scheduled for April 2 and 4 with a limited number of seats available; we are in the process of notifying individuals who have already expressed interest in being evacuated from Panama about these flights. 

* April 2, departing Panama Pacifico at 9:05 p.m. and arriving Eglin Air Force Base, Fort Walton Beach, FL, to arrive 1:15 a.m. April 3.
* April 4, departing Panama Pacifico at 4:53 p.m. and arriving Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo, TX, to arrive 8:43 p.m.
Requirements, restrictions, and helpful information:
* The flights are restricted to U.S. citizens and LPRs accompanying U.S. citizen family members.  All passengers must be in possession of a valid U.S. passport or I-551 (green card) in order to qualify for a flight.


Colombia 608 cases   6
Colombia orders 19-day nationwide quarantine

Ecuador 1,823 cases   48
Is Shut Down 

USA 124,683 cases   2237
Entry for US vessels only

U.S. Citizen Travelers:

Enroll for alerts at step.state.gov.
In Case of Emergency: Call 1-888-407-4747 (U.S./Canada); +1-202-501-4444 (overseas);
or contact the nearest embassy: go.usa.gov/xduQM

CANADA 5,655 cases   63

Dear Canadian,

You are receiving this email because you are registered with the Government of Canada’s Registration of Canadians Abroad (ROCA) service. This notice is to ensure you were informed about the quickly evolving situation related to the Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Panama airspace is closed and there are no new evacuation flights being planned at this time. However our Embassy is preparing a list of Canadians in seeking evacuation to notify them should a flight become available in the future.

To have your name placed on this list, we kindly ask you to please provide the following information for our list if you wish to be notified in case of an available flight:

1. Full name:
2. Valid passport number:
3. Date of birth:
4. Current location in Panama:
5. Telephone number:
6. Transportation means if a flight becomes available:
7. Number of people in group:

The above information is needed for each member of your group. This message is not intended as a guarantee of a flight but the Embassy will do what we can.

Please share the link to register on the ROCA to any Canadians you may be aware of who are still in country

Best regards,

Lilly Nicholls,
Canadian Ambassador in Panama

any one has any additions to this please let us now

2) Extraordinary C-19 Call log 2020-03-28

1 BAJA FOG Barra shelter inplace    maybe fly back 
John & Monique
Mike & Jacquie
3 TALIESIN ROSE Puesta del sol      no restrictions
Victoria & Rowan
4 THISLDU        
Garrett & Audrey
5 LUNA        
Bob & Kris
6 KAI LANI        
7 EIONE        
Darrin & Linda
8 APHRODITE        
Thomas & Mike
9 CARINTHIA        
Dietmar & Suzanne
10 SEAGLUB San Jose del Cabo     airport to PV car to ferrry downtown everyting is closed local restaurants are open 1/2 tables 
11 BONZER        
Michael & Vicki
12 JEAN ANNE huatulco    banderas  lu
Steve & Chelsea
13 SINGULARITY vista mar  shelter in place inde    
Robert & Carol
14 SLOW DANCER        
Dale & Kenneth
15 ELAN        
16 © ENJOY        
Don & Nina
17 AVALON        
Rick & Karen
18 PERSPECTIVE        
Brad, Sarah & Sydney
19  ©  KNOT RIGHT vista mar  stay in place    play it by ear 
Walt & Jeariene
20 ©  COMPROMISE Chiappas    Huatulco non
Ronald & Karen
21 BLOOM        
Jason & Lisa
22 DUE WEST        
Kirk & Heidi
23 TOP CIDER        
Chuck & Sharon
24 RAIREVA        
25 HALF MOON        
Brain & Elizabeth
26 MADELEINE        
Huibert & Maaike
27 ANGELIQUE        
Dan & Angela
28 JO        
Phillip Jay & Kelley
29 DELTA SWIZZLER Santiago bay 9 other bay stay i  stay in the area     
Mark & Cindy
30 FIREFLY        
Brenda & Ted
31 © EL GATO        
Eric & Annie
32 ©  MORNING STAR        
David, Stella & …
33 LITHA        
Justin, Kimberly and Crew
34 ONE LIFE barra Shelter in Place    
Doug & Mary
35  © FOOTLOOSE        
Michael & Lisa
36  © KOKOPELLI        
Karen & Ron
37 WISHLIST        
38 ANGELIQUE II        
Brian & Hiromi
39 HUMAN HOLIDAY        
Alan & Robin
40 AVANT shelter bay  in canada – vancouver    keep an eye out on colon
Rob & Debra
41 ANDANTE        
42 © ROCINANTE        
Bill & Lisanne
43 RHAPSODY vista shelter  shelter place    
Sarah & Bob
44 ©  MAKANI        
45 ©   XENIA        
Tara & Mike
46 SINGLE D        
Tod & Donna
47 WIND SWEPT        
Scott & Jan
48 © DENOVO        
Andre, Naomi & crew
49 SIRENA        
50 ANDURIL        
Alice & Greg
51 GREEN FLASH Vista Mar  sheltering in place    watching repatriation  flights
Bob & Joan
52 BONZAI Isla Mujeres Cancun sheltering in place  jumping to florida 24 q dock  jumping to florida
53 GARGOYLE        
Kevin & Carla
54 STAND DOWN Vista Mar  sheltering in place    watching repatriation flights legfal to consume drink 
Richard & Nancy
55 SONAMARA Red frog marina shelter in place    curfew – marina is on lock down 
Louis & Patrice
56 NAMAHANA        
Curtis & Jill                          
57 ANTIPODES        
Ian & Aldo
58 KATHLEEN        
Robert & Karen
59 RAVEN        
Neil, Tammy, & Jan
60 BLUE OASIS        
Barry & Kathy
61  © WILDEST DREAMS Anchored in Golfito  stay in place – or head back to mexico    deciding – no zarpes – banana bay – shut down april 12 th 
Grant & Michelle
62 SHEARWATER        
Pati & Eric
63 SECOND WIND        
64 SECRET WATER        
Annie & Chris & Crew
65 WOODWIND 1        
Brian & Tracy
66 PARADISE        
Sid & Manuela
67 CHIMERA        
Dennis & Margaret
68 KACHINA        
69 ALIZANN        
Martin & Suzanne
70 FLOATING STONES Bahama oster island  west coast sitting     
Bryan & Cheryl
71 MOONRISE        
Stephen & Ana Veronica
72 KOUMBA BANG        
Martin & Elzane
74 MAISON DE SANTE barra  sheltering in place    
Keenan & Nicole
75 BELLA SIRENA        
77 EURYBIA        
Marie & Jon
78 SALPARE        
Jeff & Fran
79 DESTINATION        
Chris & Anne
80 DAD’S DREAM        
Rick & Brenda
81 AY CARAMBA !        
Juan & Michelle
82 BULA        
Kenny & Cari
83 SKY POND        
Carl & Roxy
84 VENTURE LIBRE        
Shane & Karen
Allan & Rina
86 CONTEXT        
87 EL GATO        
Jules & Jeff
88  © SEA LARKS        
Jeffrey & Paula
89 QUE SERA        
Rick & Mary
90 QUEST        
Eric & Ana
92 BAIT ‘N SWITCH III        
John & Laurie
93 PASEO        
Nan & Doug
94  © MARIAH        
Trish & John
95 WAVE DANCER        
Vladimir & Galinda
96 MALOLO        
Matt & Britt
97 YOSHAN        
98 DOUBLE DEUCE        
  Ron & Karen
99 HO’OKIPA Barra stay in place    
  Lisa & Lucky
100 VOLARE huatulco      no issues – some stores closed 
  Jessica & Adam
101  ©  KIANGA        
Beat & Daniela
102 CELESTIAL        
Scott & Donna
103 LILIPAD        
Bruce & Kirk
104 © MIDNIGHT BREEZE        
Richard & Caroline
105 SALISH DRAGON        
Steve & Tracey
106 CAYUSE        
Brent & Jill
107 CYCLADES        
108 © SEDNA VI        
Ken & Cheryl
109 JOY        
Jeff & Roxanne
110 KARVI        
Dan & Nancy
111 SEAQUEL        
112 © SALTAIR 3        
Brad, Krista & Cole
113 © TAKMOANA        
Gary & (Wendy) Louise
114 STRAY CAT        
Derick & Barb
115 NOETA        
Patrick & Alexa
Stephen & Janet
117 PILIALOHA        
Rick & Maria
118 BELLE VIE        
Benjamin,Andrea & Emma
119 © TRANCE        
Dan & Marlene
120 SANNA        
Dave & Marie
121 ANKYRIOS Barra    decision next wek   
Dennis, Brandy & Crew
122 HERITAGE        
123 EPIPHANY        
Bill and Julianne
124  © INDEPENDENCE        
  Larry & Jamie
125 LILY ROWAN        
Jim & Zyanya
126 EVIE        
Joel, Ane & Crew
127 SHAZAM        
Jeanette & Neill
128 © AMANDLA        
Lisa & Captain Fabio
129 © NESHUMA        
Carl & Cynthia
130 SIMPLIFY        
Randy & Marina
131 MAR Y SOL        
Bob & Marisol
Tom & Gale
133 BIG CITY FISH        
Rick & Linda
134 DOTTIE SUE        
Bobbie, Neil & Chuck
135 © TIVOLI        
Judy and Torben
136 © TRYST        
Tony and Michelle
137 © EMMY KATE        
Eric and Sharon
138 BLESSED LIFE costa rica pez vela shelter in place  panama all open – slowed down – 
Bob and Margie
139 © FALKOR 4.2        
Patrick, Sherrie & Crew
140 © FIRST LIGHT        
Don & Julie
141   NAUTILUS        
Michele & Randy
142 © AZAYA        
Riley, Sharon & Crew
143 ©  SEA GLASS        
144  © ELSKA        
Ben & Mary Jane
145 © ZOE        
Sergio & Gemma
146 ROSA-LEE        
147  GRASSHOPPER        
Jeffrey & Cheri
148 © ELEVEN 11        
Tim, Kim &
149 © MOIRA        
Nick, Gema & crew
150 MILAGRO        
Robert & crew
151 ROSA DOS VENTOS        
Ted & Barbara
152 © SUSIMI barra laggoon    puerto penasaco  enjoy call
Paul & Hazel
153 ALTERÉ        
154 YAHTZEE        
Andy & Jill
155 © LEILANI        
Richard & Tracy
156 © EVOLIAS        
Warren & Erica
157 SOL GOOD        
158 TIDAL DANCER        
Dan & Ella
159 © DEVINE DESTINY        
Bruce & Barbara
160 © TOUCHÉ        
Judith & Haakon
161 ©  SPREZZATURA        
162 © CHELSEA KRU        
163 ©  LORIEN        
Julie & Chris
164 © KJALOHA        
Jürg & Catherine
165 © AD ASTRA        
Erik & Daniela
166 © MANUREVA        
167 © ZARZAGAN        
Paul Antoine & Monique
168 CONVERGENCE        
169 © WOLFHOUND        
Steven, Louise & Sam
170 © BAD BUNNY        
John & Hye
171 GenM Chamela Bay      local relaxed once a week – back 
Marvin and Laurie
172 © AMEKAYA        
Maris and Linda
173 © BISOU Bocas del Toro  stay in place   curfew 
Robin and Tad
174 ARROW bahia tenecatitia   bahia chamela  12 boats here calm quiet in la manzanilla
Maurisa & Mike
175 VAGABUNDO DOS Zihuatenjo    papanoa heading south  chiappas   
Grant & Donna
176 REEF DANCER Barra  shelter in palcae    
Jerry & Debra

3) PANAMA – how to figure things out

How to figure out what the he11 is going on

A rough guide by Rob on Avant

I have been pretty diligent at finding and sharing information with the group. Now that we’re back in Canada, I will slow down on my information gathering and sharing. I appreciate the many private messages thanking me for my efforts and thought that I would prepare a rough guide on how I did it so others can step in (and step up).

1. Download and install google’s chrome browser (it auto translates from source languages to your language if it has adequate bandwidth).
2. Find and bookmark links to reliable information in the chrome browser. In Panama, I used la prensa ( https://www.prensa.com ), metro libre (https://www.metrolibre.com/ ), and tele metro ( https://www.telemetro.com/ ). These are (near as I could figure) the three leading reliable news sources in Panama. There will be other local sources in other countries, seek them out. Check them about a couple of times a day. In Panama, the best times are about lunch time and at the end of the day (about 1930). The government seems to schedule press conferences for the end of the day, so that’s when you get the most news. English language expat focussed news sites tend to be both late and light on their coverage.
3. Create a google search for “Panama coronavirus” (or other country as appropriate). Select ‘news’, and under ‘search tools’ select ‘last 24 hours’. Use this search and refresh the page a couple of times a day. 
4. Use Facebook. Search for Panama (or other country) groups (Panama expats, Americans in Panama, Canadians in Panama, Panama cruisers, various embassies in Panama, etc.) and join them. Note the ones you join and visit the pages regularly. All the news will not necessarily show up in your feed.
5. Register with your embassy. If possible, register with other embassies (USA and UK in particular) for email updates. Register with your government’s program for citizens abroad so they push out emails to you. Remember to check your junk mail folder in case stuff they send you lands there. Like and follow their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts as well.
6. Find the locals and local expats who are ‘connected’ and make sure you touch base with them frequently (whether by WhatsApp, face to face, whatever). They often know stuff and don’t share because they’re busy. In shelter bay, that’s Juanjo, elsewhere I don’t know.
7. visit noonsite ( https://www.noonsite.com ) and join it/ create an account. Usually not as up to date as this group, but good for information on nearby areas, where we don’t have Posse ‘feet on the street’.

Then, when you find something out that’s real (as opposed to rumour) and useful, SHARE IT HERE, and SHARE IT ON NOONSITE. Here for obvious reasons, on noonsite because it’s a primary source of information for cruisers coming into this area from elsewhere who aren’t in the Posse yet.

Panama Curfew

Panama lock down mechanics: you get an hour, plus 30 min on each side for travel.

Departure time per person:

If the ID ends at 7: you can leave at 7:00 am
If the ID ends at 8: you can leave at 8:00 am
If the ID ends at 9: you can leave at 9:00 am
If the ID ends at 0: you can leave at 10:00 am
If the ID ends at 1: you can leave at 1:00 pm
If the ID ends at 2: you can leave at 2:00 pm
If the ID ends at 3: you can leave at 3:00 pm
If the ID ends at 4: you can leave at 4:00 pm
If the ID ends at 5: you can leave at 5:00 pm
If the ID ends at 6: you can leave at 6:00 pm
All adults over 60 years of age, regardless of their ID number, may make their purchases between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm

According to the authorities, each citizen will be allowed to leave 30 minutes before their corresponding time and arrive at their residence 30 minutes later, this means that each person has one hour of mobility, plus an additional hour.

Everybody stay safe and healthy!


Rob & Deb AVANT

4) Panama Logistics – Considerations

Everyone should be made aware of several cases down here.  It may affect decisions.

1. A Canadian citizen and his wife were cruising.  He needed to go back to Canada to work for a couple months but they’re trying to save money so they decided that she would stay on the boat at anchor in Boca Chica.  Two problems.  Panama closed the airport to international travel with very short notice and he couldn’t join her. She’s a German citizen and they’re only common-law married, so even if Canada made available an evac flight, she couldn’t get on it.

2. A different German citizen wanted to catch the German evac flight to Germany.  He thought he had done everything correctly but then the local airport closed to commuter flights and he had to rent a car to get to the main airport. But he didn’t count on needing extra time to get through the road blocks enacted at the provincial borders and wasn’t able to make the evac flight.

3. A sailor who is crewing on boats thought they had a position and traveled to Panama City.  When that gig fell through, they had to spend over 10 hours with the police to get back to Vista Mar because the government was restricting all travel from the capitol city to the outer provinces.

It’s easy to say in hindsight that they should have done this or that but sometimes events override our plans.

The point of these explanations is that even if you think you’re being prudent, it’s best to make decisions VERY early and allow as much time as possible.  If you think that you can wait until the last minute, you may have the rug pulled out from under you by fast moving events.


Bob & Carol


5) Pictures of the Week –  active boat quarantine pictures

Selfie of Nicole / Maison de Sante in Barra de Navidadwith Carinthia in the Background
Nicole up on the Mizzen Mast  – Barra de Navidad

Keenan & Nicole



6) Zihuatanejo , MX
Avalon is currently Zihuatanejo
where the beaches are slightly quiet but with school’s about to double the Easter holiday starting next Friday they could get busy.
Stores (larger) are for the most part fully stocked with lots a customers out, look forward to seeing you as we make our way sloowly back to PV

Rick & Karen

7) Quepos, Costa Rica
SV BlessedLife in Quepos marina Pez Vela. Beautiful! We will move on in a few days


Bob & Margie


Inner Anchorage
Good Nautical Anchorge details

8) Mazatlan, MX

SeaGlub anchored, Outer Anchorage 35′

Inner Dock

Inner Anchorage


9) Marina Puesta del Sol – Nicaragua

This is one of the undisputed relaxing gems along this
Panama Posse route and a welcome respite in a serene and tranquil setting.

You can leave your vessel and explore this incredible interesting country.  If you are a political junky there is are a lot of geopolitical  layers to explore here.

Visiting the UNESCO world heritage sites of Leon, Lake Nicaragua and Granada from here is as easy as renting a car and driving on well paved roads.

Plus you get to visit the Flor de Caña Rum Factory nearby.


Clearing in is fairly easy – for south bound vessels – its a short
sail from the Golfo de Fonseca via a well marked entrance into a lovely estuary.

Puesta del Sol

To check out the 27+ anchorages and UNESCO sites visit Good Nautical

Here is the track


Aerial View of Marina Puesta del Sol

Below are the costs to clear in and out of Nicaragua which can be done at the Marina –
just let them know when you plan to arrive

IMMIGRATION U$ 20.00 per boat U$ 20.00 per boat
  U$ 12.00 per person U$   2.00 per person
PORT CAPTAIN U$   FREE U$ 30.00 International Zarpe
    or U$ 20.00 a National Zarpe ( to San Juan del Sur for example )
CUSTOM U$ 10.00 per boat U$ FREE
Marina Puesta del Sol

To book ahead and get your 20% Panama Posse Marina discount contact Juantia Garcia

Tel: + (505) 8880-0013
       +(505) 8880-0019     
       +(505) 8883-0781

email: administracion@marinaps.com

10) Please reply to this email with

– your updates – self quarantine
contenders for picture of the week
– relevant blog posts – and of course your valuable suggestions

and we’ll include it in the next FLEET UPDATE – Keep em ‘coming


Dietmar & Suzanne
Sheltering in place in Barra de Navidad
SV Carinthia

11) Opt-out from Fleet Updates simply reply with “REMOVE

Panama Posse Burgees

Privacy Preference Center