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“The good seaman weathers the storm he cannot avoid,
and avoids the storm he cannot weather.”

– unknown

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2) Pictures of the Week

Still BAR Life


Lisa & Lucky Chucky


Yesterday while sailing from Huatulco yo Puerto Angel



Jim & Zyanya


Jean Anne

Jean Anne

Steve & Chelsea


This morning at Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua





Baja Ferries Mazatlan





Bob & Margie


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4) Here is where each country stands (cases / deaths)

Mexico    1,890        † 202   

Mexico has implemented temperature-screening measures at some of its airports.  Passengers with abnormal temperatures and travel to high-risk areas might be subject to additional health screening.

Guatemala – full lock down – no entry permitted  – Curfew extended to April 28th 

Mexico – border closings between USA and Mexico but commercial entry permitted – USA inbound vessels US flagged only
Ports with Hotels are closing

Guatemala    61   † 2           
The U.S. Embassy has now individually notified all confirmed travelers for the State Department charter flights departing from Guatemala City to Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) airport on Saturday, March 28th and Monday, March 30th.  These flights are now fully booked.
There are two additional State Department charter flights scheduled for Tuesday, March 31st. The U.S. Embassy will notify confirmed passengers by Monday, March 30th if they are confirmed for the Tuesday, March 31st flights. 

El Salvador    62     †  3   
El Salvador – full lock down – no entry permitted 

Honduras    268    †  22  

Honduras – full lock down – no entry permitted 


Nicaragua    5           †  1  

Nicaragua – Check in with Marina Puesta del sol ahead of time – they will coordinate to send a health inspector out – after which customs, immigration will clear you in 


Costa Rica    435     †  2    
Costa Rica – no change but upon entry you may be asked about prior countries / health issues – crew flying in from overseas will be subject to questioning at airport(s) 
April 13th 

Panama    1,801          †   46
Panama –  no entry permitted   14 day quarantine between ports has been obtained by some in internal movements – curfew w 1 hour movement x day for  with 30 minutes based on ID number sex and day – no alcohol sales
No vessels under 65 allowed to transit

French Polynesia   40            1 critical case

Colombia    1,406        † 32   
Colombia orders 19-day nationwide quarantine

Ecuador    3,646        †  181   
Lock down

Belize    5        †  1

Lock down

Cayman Islands    35        †  1

Cuba    320        † 8

Bahamas    28        †  1

Lock down

Puerto Rico 475   †  20

Lock down

if you have specific additions to this please reply

        to Navigation

Hazards to Navigation


From a long term planning standpoint you now have 8 -12 weeks before the beginning of the North Pacific Hurricane season
– which typically does not have mayor storms starting until the end of July – and runs through early November.

Hurricane Paths

The Marina in Barra de Navidad has discounts available to all vessels seeking shelter and typically has greatly discounted  summer rates
– many posse boats will spend the summer here and a much discounted summer rate –

contact  Secundino harbormaster@islaresort.com.mx

Secundino Harbormaster Secundino Alvarez


For those of you in or near Barra you are able to get the Super Hawaiian store from
Melaque to deliver to you our vessels as you shelter in place


and said store is also doing weekly runs to Costco in Guadalajara.

Barra to

Delivery is about 100-120 pesos above the regular bill and done within 2 hours

To contact the store and place your order send a
WhatsApp message in English with your information to Alex Key +52 314 141 9457 
delivery comes on Panga and takes credit cards via a wireless terminal.

Make sure you mention that you are part of the Panama Posse


6) Puerto Penasco / Rocky Point MX
Post by Cabrales boatyard Puerto Peñasco, MX

Cabrales boatyard will be closed like all years on easter week and is currently scheduled to reopen on Monday April 13th, but there are lots of rumors on government enforcing strict quarantine and business closures. So as of 12:43pm there are no guarantees we will finish out the work week or reopen until the quarantine is over. Also, as of this message there are no reported cases of coronavirus in Puerto Peñasco.

I also just spoke again with the port master in Puerto Peñasco. As you have heard, the new 24 hour lockdown applies to everyone nationwide, it appears that there will be a sanitation barrier or checkpoints located strategically to limit non-essential movements around town.
Cruisers are still welcome to arrive from any destination (national or international). The update is that they are required to report to the portmaster directly upon arrival and will not be allowed to disembark until a medical team has cleared them to do so. If you wish to depart puerto peñasco by car it is allowed as long as you’re returning to your home country, and then the port master will supply the crew with special documentation allowing such transport.

Needless to say that this situation is unprecedented, and will likely be more updates in the future.

Stay safe,

7) 4th Extraordinary Fleet Call 50+ Vessel Reports April 4th 2020 16:00 UTC

1 BAJA FOG Barra shelter inplace    flying back to us this week
John & Monique
3 TALIESIN ROSE Puesta del sol      no restrictions – 2 day notification
Victoria & Rowan
4 THISLDU Puesta del sol       
Garrett & Audrey
10 SEAGLUB San Jose del Cabo   met with harbormaster email in Mexico – port Vallarta is shutting down – logistical issues – paid for 7 months
11 BONZER Barra      
Michael & Vicki
12 JEAN ANNE  Zihuatanejo      going north as soon as we can Barra – 
Steve & Chelsea
13 SINGULARITY vista mar  shelter in place inde    
Robert & Carol
19  ©  KNOT RIGHT vista mar  stay in place    limited available beer 
Walt & Jeariene
20 ©  COMPROMISE chiapas   move south    worried about  port clusures
Ronald & Karen
22 DUE WEST Barra      
Kirk & Heidi
23 TOP CIDER en route ti zihuat      
Chuck & Sharon
25 HALF MOON Puesta del sol       
Brain & Elizabeth
26 MADELEINE vessel in El Salvador in need for all repairs Netherlands in Amsterdam health wise – treatment and healthy – huib – he is doing fine bored – 
Huibert & Maaike
27 ANGELIQUE Vessel in Florida key west      clamp down to get into a marina  Jamaica
Dan & Angela
28 JO Barra   drove across the border now in san antonio tx  
Phillip Jay & Kelley
29 DELTA SWIZZLER Barra stay in the area     
Mark & Cindy
32 ©  MORNING STAR Shelter bay marina   haul out an’t thank JuanJo, Eddie, Frank, Carol and all the team in Shelter Bay enough for everything they are doing for the cruisers.  Dave and I are back in the UK,  having caught the last flight out of Panama to Europe, thanks to the British Embassy giving us a link to the necessary KLM web page.  Hope to be back in January.

Thanks to Panama Posse giving us all information and a sense of community in difficult times.
David, Stella & …
34 ONE LIFE barra Shelter in Place self isolating  
Doug & Mary
37 WISHLIST las hadas      came to hotel – vessel at anchor 
40 AVANT shelter bay to be hauled out in canada – vancouver    keep an eye out – – possible to exit colon if you need a zarpe – 14 day quarantines – 
Rob & Debra
43 RHAPSODY Shelter Bay shelter place   doing well – 
Sarah & Bob
Scott & Jan
51 GREEN FLASH vessel in Vista Mar – san clemente sheltering in place    embassy list unplanned flight – jumped on that vista 
Bob & Joan
52 BONZAI Isla Mujeres Cancun, MX sheltering in place    changed a bit tightend the bit – at anchor – restrictions to go shopping – vessle 2 week quarantine – first case on the island – long term – standing by until july 
53 GARGOYLE pueste del sol nicarga  Shelter in Place   waiting to hear costa rica
Kevin & Carla
54 STAND DOWN Vista Mar  sheltering in place     
Richard & Nancy
55 SONAMARA Red frog marina shelter in place     
Louis & Patrice
61  © WILDEST DREAMS Anchored in Golfito –      last week to banana bay – allowed to leave – extend immigration – to stay – until they opne the border – take through the marina – looking to exit – 
Grant & Michelle
63 SECOND WIND puesta del sol    waiting for development to  get to costa rica  
69 ALIZANN bocas del toro red frog maina staying in place staying in the Caribbean conditions is ready to go ready  2 case sof corona v aearol naval – any boats moving – unless you are in a a panga or dinghy for purchases
Martin & Suzanne
70 FLOATING STONES Bahamas      
Bryan & Cheryl
74 MAISON DE SANTE barra  sheltering in place   everythign fine 
Keenan & Nicole
88  © SEA LARKS banana bay marina golfito CR     hoping to travel north – us embassy 
Jeffrey & Paula
92 BAIT ‘N SWITCH III papagayo marina costa rica –  tips 90 day import permit are extend     
John & Laurie
94  © MARIAH West end Ruatan. Honduras   all fine staying waiting for pandemic to blow over – waiting to go up to key west  –  hello all doing fine in west bay of island roatan island have beem locked down for 20 days – can provision 20 vessels on suzy II rally – close to – important – french boats left 
Trish & John
95 WAVE DANCER Florida left the boat in golfito last plane fishhook     cost rica – boat will be 1/2 have to bond –  
Vladimir & Galinda
96 MALOLO isla grande  novamar heading to barra heading north – 
Matt & Britt
99 HO’OKIPA Barra de Navidad stay in place   nothing 
  Lisa & Lucky
100 VOLARE zihuatenaje  heading north    
  Jessica & Adam
104 © MIDNIGHT BREEZE vista mar marina UK     
Richard & Caroline
109 JOY barra sheltering in place ready to move sheltering  in place
Jeff & Roxanne
111 SEAQUEL Belize sheltering in place    heading up via isla mujeres moving out to the cav – yesterday – could leave the country – could get a stamp getting  – getting fuel – hide – 14 day quarantine in isla mujeres
117 PILIALOHA vessel in marina chahue  hawaiii   spoke with the marina – marina is closed – doing watches – 
Rick & Maria
121 ANKYRIOS Barra       
Dennis, Brandy & Crew
124  © INDEPENDENCE barefoot key ruatan honduras get zarpe to leave hang around there great stores plenty of supplies    florida captain looked around – boats moving around
  Larry & Jamie
125 LILY ROWAN Puerto Angeles tried to get in chahue     port answer – closed – Ezequiel – did not want anywhere in the jurisdiction – not here right now – tourist – message – 
Jim & Zyanya
128 © AMANDLA Marina Palmaira Baja / La Paz     visas 
Lisa & Captain Fabio
130 SIMPLIFY marina chahue  staying here  decide to leave from hawaii town is closed down – rent bicycles – grocery stores are open – 
Randy & Marina
138 BLESSED LIFE costa rica quepos pez vela shelter in place    solid intel – not due to may – 
Bob and Margie
147  GRASSHOPPER     en route to chiapas  
Jeffrey & Cheri
148 © ELEVEN 11 Chahue    We are staying put here in Marina Chahue where we learned this week that movement in or out is not permitted.  The Navy and National guard are here in town and patrolling the waters, and the beaches and resorts are closed.  There are a few restaurants open for takeout and the grocery stores are allowing one person per party to go into the grocery store.  There is a limit on sugar, eggs, rice, and a few other things.  rumor has it, that they are going to shut down alcohol sales here soon, so naturally, we did a huge alcohol provision today!  There is absolutely no room for another item on our boat.  Every nook and cranny accounted for!  We were told that there are roadblocks going into and out of the city and at night, the policia are patrolling the streets playing an announcement.  I’m assuming it’s a curfew at night?  Not sure about that. 

We are taking advantage of being quarantined, by addressing our engine issues. We took out our injection fuel lines to be replaced, we are working on our starter, and various other cosmetic projects and otherwise! 

We hope everyone is doing okay out there.  If you’re not where you want to be, hang in there!  We feel for everyone out there who may feel stuck.  We will get through this!  Take care everyone! Stay safe!

engine issues boat pulle din the middle of the night – as  looking for paperwork zarpe – needed paperwork – marina office – sad to see – small vessel – navy patrolling everything – playing a recording – 
Tim, Kim &
149 © MOIRA Bahia Ballena CR   It’s quiet here and we are managing to get ashore to get supplies at the local fruit and veggie market and the buses still run to Cobano for supermarket shopping. Our plans for the near term are to stay put but we are thinking ahead to hurricane season. Our original plans for French Polynesia are of course on hold. Possibilities currently are to make for the north of the Sea of Cortez or more likely, Hawaii. A lot depends on how things develop in Mexico.
All the best to you and our fellow cruisers,
Nick, Gema, Oliver and Sofia
Nick, Gema & crew
150 MILAGRO        
Robert & crew
152 © SUSIMI barra lagoon   Puerto penasaco  opportunity to move north 
Paul & Hazel
161 ©  SPREZZATURA received permit bocas del toro      no movement on yachts Sunday is closed wear masks all the time limited movement kind appeal port 
171 GenM  la cruz, mx   head north boat is in good conditions – heading – mexico has closed all ports with hotels – 
Marvin and Laurie
172 © AMEKAYA sorry missed this info      
Maris and Linda
173 © BISOU Bocas del Toro at anchor – bocas town   stay in place   fine 
Robin and Tad
174 ARROW north in chamela   stay near to barra   
Maurisa & Mike
175 VAGABUNDO DOS acapulco bay – beaches are closed    heading south  chiappas  heading towards chahue – nicaragua – 
Grant & Donna
176 REEF DANCER Barra  shelter in place    
Jerry & Debra
177  HAPPY DANCE boca chica Boca Chica     trying to get to Mexico 
  Sue & Marty

8) PANAMA CANAL CROSSING REQUIREMENTS ( currently only vessels over 65 feet are allowed )

Issued today by the Panama Canal Authority

April 3, 2020
TO : All Shipping Agents, Owners, and Operators
SUBJECT: COVID-19 Vessel Precautions

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP), concerned with the threat of transmission of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to ACP employees, respectfully requests vessel operators to take precautionary measures before and during the transit of their vessels through the Panama Canal and when making local port calls. These measures are necessary and imperative to prevent any further spread of this virus in the Republic of Panama.

Please note that some of these measures must be implemented before ACP employees board these vessels, and include, but are not limited to the following:

– One hour prior to the boarding of the ACP inspector and pilot, wipe down the boarding facilities, pilot cabin, elevator/stairway, as well as the entire bridge, to include the chart table, navigational equipment, chairs, helm, entire console, handrails, windows, door handles and toilets, with a 5% solution of bleach water or equivalent disinfecting solution.

– Minimize the number of crew members standing by at the pilot boarding station.

– Periodically disinfect any surfaces that the pilot or crew members have come into contact with, such as binoculars, radar control panels, ECDIS control panels and VHF radios.

– Periodically wipe down toilets designated to be used by ACP linehandlers, as well as working area.

– Allow only essential personnel inside the navigation bridge while an ACP pilot is on board.

– Any crew members intending to enter the bridge must wash their hands and face prior to entering the bridge, and once inside the bridge, must immediately wash their hands again.

– A supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizer must be maintained on the bridge.

– Close contact should be avoided at all times, maintaining a distance of at least 1.5 meters or more, whenever possible.

– All coffee cups and utensils must be washed thoroughly immediately prior to being used by the ACP pilot.

9) Summary of live talk from the US ambassador to Mexicohttps://step.state.gov/STEPMobile/Default.aspx

Hi all,

We have been asked to summarize the facebook live talk from the US ambassador to Mexico. The video coverage was very spotty, but we got most of it. Here are the major points:

  • If you are here on 180-day tourist visa or you are planning to return to the US sometime soon, it is strongly advised to GO HOME to the US NOW, while there are still some flights available. This may change in the near future, if airlines stop flying and airports close.
  • It is strongly advised to sign up for the STEP program, this will supply you with daily updates on the status of airlines and airports and other things pertinent to US citizens in Mexico
  • https://step.state.gov/STEPMobile/Default.aspx
  • If you are US Citizen with a Mexican residente permanente or residente temporal, you need to weigh the pros and cons of staying in Mexico long-term versus returning home. Each person’s circumstances will be different and require a different answer.
  • US policy is to allow citizens to return to the US whether by car or boat or plane, but they may be asked to quarantine for 14-days, and there may soon be a time when airports close and/or airlines stop flying in the near future which would limit your options to being able to return home easily.
  • If you decide to stay in Mexico, please abide by the Mexican government rules surrounding stay at home, wash your hands, make the best of things. Be safe and stay healthy.
  • Please check your health insurance policies carefully, most health insurance policies are not covering COVID-19 because it is a named world pandemic, (similar to a named hurricane.) Most medevac flights will also not cover COVID-19 situations.

If you have specific questions you may email the US Embassy in CDMX directly to this email address:

Or call: 55 852 62 561

Hope that is helpful, The Facebook video should be up on the Facebook page for viewing, Facebook.com/Mexico.USEmbassy

Heidi & Kirk



MARINA f, 2020 Unit of Port Captaincies and Maritime Affairs,
Deputy General Directorate of Port Captains.

“Instructions are issued to deny dispatches and departures to dedicated vessels
to the provision of nautical tourism services to third parties, with boats smaller than
Mexican and foreign recreation and sports. “
All the Capitanias of Puerto del País.
My Various Circulars issued with Instructions regarding Prevention, Care and Control
of the COVID-19 “.

On March 24, 2020, the AGREEMENT issued was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

by the Secretary of Health, which establishes the preventive measures that must be
implement to mitigate and control the health risks of the disease
by the SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19). This Agreement mentions in its third paragraph of

ARTICLE ONE that the civil, military and private authorities, as well as
dependencies and entities of the three levels of government, will be obliged to
Instrumentation of preventive measures against the disease for the SARS-CoV2 virus

(COVID-19), referred to in the first paragraph of this article.
Likewise, subsection €) of SECOND ARTICLE, mentions that the dependencies and entities
of the Federal Public Administration and organizations from the social and private sectors, such as

preventive measure must temporarily suspend the activities of the sectors
public, social and private that involve physical concentration, transit or displacement
of people from the entry into force of this.

Finally, in consideration of the recommendations issued by the Secretary of Health in the

press conference “Report on COVID-19” on Saturday 28 of the current

take actions to prevent the rapid spread of SAR-GpV-2.


This Deputy General Directorate of Port Captaincies in my charge, following the

recommendations issued in the aforementioned AGREEMENT; and based on what

established in articles 37 and 49 fraction IV of the Maritime Navigation and Commerce Law
they are instructed to perform the following action:

1, From the date and until further notice, you must deny dispatches and departures at
boats dedicated to the provision of nautical tourism services to third parties, with
minor Mexican and foreign recreational and sports boats, the above with the
In order to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19).

Log leaders of the Port Captaincy are held responsible for the dissemination and compliance of the
This Circular, with the fact that said measure does not apply to cabotage navigation of
boats and transport of people and supplies, reminding them that they should
observe in all to recommendations regarding the healthy distance,

Mexico City, March 29, 2020.

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Saturdays @ 16:00 UTC 


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