FLEET UPDATE 2018-04-18

1) SAVE THE DATE – May 1st, 2018 –ย Costa Rica – Golfito Marina Village
Panama Posse Party in Costa Rica


– details to follow but it’s gonna be a Howler Monkey of a time, so make your way south !

SAVE THE DATE – May 23, 2018 – Panama – Marina Vista Mar
Panama Posse Arrival Party


2) EASY – Panama
Ensenada Naranjo N 07 16.475 W 080 55.438 in 19 feet.
Much of panama has only cell data. Is amazing.
Awesome, the best water was Isla Seca.
Thanks for the Panama Party Dates.( May 23rd )ย 
My 49th is the 20th
Ensenada Benao N 07 25.552 W 080 11.421ย ย ย  37′ feet


Interlude arriving at the first anchorage in Panama “Balsa”



        Bay Marina


Hola Panama Posse Crew!!!
It was a pleasure meeting John and Julie from S/V Myla today in Panama City!!! Here in Shelter
Bay Marina, we are very excited and eager to start in welcoming some of the vessels and are
preparing several attractive offers and special discounts to the registered vessels of The
Panama Posse.

Shelter Bay Marina is a full service marina located within the Panama Canal Breakwater, on the
Atlantic/Caribbean coast. We have the Panama Coast Guard on the property, plus the Shelter
Bay Marina Staff for 24/7 security. Also, being below the Hurricane Belt, will definitely eliminate
your Hurricane Anxiety, making Shelter Bay Marina your all-season year-round marina.
Following a list of some of amenities and services offered at Shelter Bay Marina:

โ€ข Full Service Yard – we will work together with Edwin our yard manager and his crew to
take care of all your repair needs
โ€ข Secured Dry Storage Area
โ€ข Self-work area for the do-it-yourself boaters
โ€ข Sail storage area
โ€ข Mini warehouse facility with individual storage units for rent
โ€ข Rigging, electronic, electricity and mechanical services available on site
โ€ข Welder operation to be moving into the facilities within 2 months
โ€ข Boatcare Program, both standard and custom available
โ€ข New sail loft, reopening in May 1
โ€ข Chandlery store with next-day delivery (if available in Panama; shipping services
โ€ข Hotel
โ€ข Restaurant
โ€ข Pool
โ€ข Mini Market
โ€ข Free daily transportation to Colon, Cuatro Altos Shopping Area
โ€ข Panama Bus Line every other week for $15.00 per couple or pair
โ€ข Plus, much more!

At Shelter Bay Marina, regular and special occasion activities are organized between the marina
and the cruisers to help support the boating community some of them are movie nights, cruisers
palapa bbq night, and much, much more! We strive to support the boating community and make
Shelter Bay Marina your home.
By being a registered member of the Panama Posse, we at Shelter Bay Marina are proud
to offer the Panama Posse Specials!
โ€ข Welcome or departing activities (to be coordinated with Panama Posse administration)
โ€ข Discounted haul out rate:
o Regular rate is $16.00/ft. catamaran; $12.00/ft. monohull
o Panama Posse Discount rate is $12.00/ft. catamaran; $9.00/ft. monohull
โ€ข Discounted rate based on the length of stay as follows:
o 1-4 days you get the 5-13 days rate
o 5-13 days you get the 14-29 days rate
o 14-29 days you get the 30 to 89 days rate
o 30-89 days you get the 3 to 6 month rate
o 3 to 6 month you get the 6 month plus rate

โ€ข Dry storage discounts also available. Call for a quote
Note: These discounted rates will depend on the size and type of vessel, so feel free to contact
me directly for a quote based on your vessel or requested service
Remember, Panama is more than a Canal and by making Shelter Bay Marina your homeport
while preparing your vessel for your next cruise, you will get to experience all of it at a
secured, safe and friendly port!!!

Juanjo Boschetti
General Manager
Shelter Bay Marina, So Much More!!!

Panama Posse

4) ANNAPURNA – Panama

Annapurna is scheduled to transit the canal on 29 April. We want line handlers. Please reply if you can help.


Rob & Debbie

5) SEA GLASS – Panama


Chris & Amanda

Golfito Marina

6) PANAMA POSSE MARINA SPONSOR – Golfito Marina Village – Costa Rica

Welcome Package for Panama Posse

NIGHTS RATE PLF PER NIGHT ร˜ย  Dockage rate up to 65-foot vessel. ร˜ย  65 + will be on case by case priced. ร˜ย  Swimming pool, tennis court & gym access at Casa Roland Hotel www.casarolandgolfito.com/facilities/
1-3 $1.00
7 $0.80
14 $0.70
30 $0.60
Advance payments on dockage will have an extra 10% discount not refundable.

Please contact our main office. + (506) 2775-3000

Email: maikol@golfitomv.com or acaballero@igymarinas.com

Golfito Marina Restaurants:ย ย ย  La Playa & Paka Paka

Will offer 10% discount on food and 15% discounts on Pizza.

This offer does not include beverage and alcohol drinks.

www.laplayacr.comย  ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย www.pakapakabar.com

ย At your service,

Maikol Barrantes
Dock Master
Golfito Marina Village
Golfito, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
T: +506 2775-3000ย ย ย 
C:+506 8360-5464
E: maikol@golfitomv.com

Panama Posse

7) CINDERELLA – Costa Rica

Any boats in need of yoga in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica, Yoga with Miranda was amazing and $10 class incl. the mat.
Studio located in proximity to Migracion house / bus stop in a little shopping strip. Namaste.


Pavao, Pajo & Ava

8) VOLANTE III – Costa Rica

Device Name: Volante III
Latitude: 9.86365
Longitude: -85.48636
GPS location Date/Time: 04/14/2018 06:45:11 CDT

Device Name: Volante III
Latitude: 9.72073
Longitude: -85.00827
GPS location Date/Time: 04/16/2018 06:24:21 CDT



9) LIQUID – Costa Rica

Device Name: SVLiquid
Latitude: 9.71787
Longitude: -85.00748
GPS location Date/Time: 04/14/2018 15:31:58 PDT

Message: This message serves as our one of our traveling check ins. Just letting you know all is ok ๐Ÿ™‚

Click the link below to see where I am located.

If the above link does not work, try this link:

You have received this message because “SVLiquid” has added you to its SPOT contact list and attempted to contact you.



Marc & Laura

10) BETTY MC – Costa Rica

We had a different experience to the posse posting of a few weeks ago at Manuel Antonio National Park and I thought I should let you know.ย  Maybe it’s a bit of a “luck of the draw” but…..
Turns out that you are not allowed to land on the national Park beach and leave a dinghy (or in our case kayak).ย  It was confiscated some time while we were walking around and took 2-3 hrs to get back from their locked storage compound, requiring proof it was ours, passports, signed letters of release blah blah.ย  The (friendly but firm) officials say you must land on the public beach (where they acknowledge security is poor).ย  They suggested maybe to pay one of the “watersports” rental places to look after the dinghy.
Also, we couldn’tย  pay for anchoring.ย  They said it must be done at a particular bank that is not nearby (would not accept at the ticket office or take cash).ย  We’re here on Sunday when banks are closed anyway and the park is shut tomorrow.ย  After lots of calls and talking, they said to just forget it.ย  So we’re not sure what others have done.
We talked with them for a long while.ย  At first they were quite hostile, thinking we hadn’t paid entry or tried to pay anchorage.ย  Once they realised we had paid entry and the morning staff had confirmed we tried to pay anchorage, they were more friendly.ย  Still it was a hassle and really without a clear resolution as to what boats should do.
We are not on Facebook and prefer not to post under our name but thought I should provide you with this information which seems at odds with your experience.


Rodger & Ali

(note pay 8 USD in local access fee at the booth and simply use that as anchorage currency)

Panama Posse

11) SV LORIEN – Welcome to the Panama Posse
Julie & Chris – Currently in Nicaragua
( Pictures please )

12) SV ROSA DEL MAR – Welcome to the Panama Posseย 


13) COLMENA – Nicaragua
Colmena is anchored in Estero Paso Caballos above Corinto Nicaragua. 12 31.58 N 87 11.97 W 10′. Corinto is a challenge because of the lack of a good landing spot for the dink. The Samara guide shows a place called “Marina Corinto” up the estuary which no longer exists. So it took a little creativity to get myself to town, and get checked in. But all’s well that ends well.



14) PANAMA POSSE – Meet up – Cost Rica

Posse get

Playa Pochote – representinโ€™ the Posse in Bahia Ballena for happy hour yesterday.
Danika,Gadabout, Pineapple and Liquid


Jason, Jenn,ย  Paula, Wags, John, Michelle, Marc, Laura

15) Danika – Costa Rica – Picture of the WEEK
is anchored in Samara. Cinderella (pictured) is here as well.
Beautiful spot and only slightly rolly. These south swells are making for some uncomfortable nights!


Jenn & Jason

16) CARINTHIA – Cost Rica

Drake Bay – Costa Rica dinghy landing area – bring a long non floating line and a dingy anchor – drop the anchor into the middle of the river mouth
( there are a lot of tour boats in here ) and you can tie up to the tour out fit and then push the dingy into the center
– when you return pull the dingy back to the dock with the long line
– as always lock it !
watch for breaking waves just south of the entrance – hence the dogleg to enter this bay


Dietmar & Suzanne

17) MANU KAIย  – Mexico
Manu Kai update:Our land travel adventures. Chiapas, San Cristobal, Tonina Ruins, Agua Azul, Pelenque, Tikal and Flores. We are currently on our way to Antigua after a breakdown on the bus our 9 hour bus ride in now 12 and counting. Kids are troopers and taking in the experience. Hope to be back to the boat in Chiapas by Tuesday. Missing sea level.


Thor & Tanya & Crew

18) EPIPHANY – Mexico
Hello to the PPPPosse!!! We are leaving La Cruz, MX in about 2 weeks, headed to Panama. Expect to be there in June.

We are planning now and would love to get your favorite stops/anchorages/must sees along the way.

Thanks, in advance, for your tips and advice.

exit MX

George & Suzanne

19) SSB Panama Posse Net Reminder
Please tune into our SSB net at 1300 UTC ( 7 am local time ) on 8297
Mhz usb and introduce yourselves to net control tomorrowย 

Keep ’em Coming – simply reply to this email with your report
or post @ย  http://www.facebook.com/group/panamaposse/