Neville has decided that we will join the Oceanย  Posseย  !


We will offer the Ocean Posse group a 15% discount for slip fees.

Utilities will be charge on consumption with no discounts applied.


The Barcadere Marina



SCOTTS LANDING, our dockside fuel station, is the islands exclusive dealer of ValvTect Marine Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and Valvtect Marine Premium 93 octane gasoline. Our fuel is guaranteed to be free from water or any other contaminants and is the highest quality fuel available anywhere in the Cayman Islands.

We also offer complementary dockside sewage pump-out to marina customers and duty free fuel for vessels leaving the island on presentation of your outbound clearance, which represents a substantial savings of CI$0.85 per imperial gallon for diesel and CI$0.75 per imperial gallon for gasoline.

Call 1(345)943-3743, visit for more information, or hail us on VHF channel 16.

It would be preferred if in coming boats contact prior to arrival to send Boarder Control information and we like to make sure that every Captain has received the approach to the Barcadere Marina.

Also note that we are not able to except any boats with a draft higher than 8′ do to the North Sound conditions and any boat higher than 7′ would be requested to arrive during high tide.
+1 (345) 949-3743




Individually metered power and potable water is provided to a dock pedestal for every slip. We can supply 120/208 volt, 60 hertz, through twin 30amp or 50amp single phase outlets to every single slip and offer twin 100amp single phase or twin 100amp three phase power at designated slips. We also offer free WiFi and luxury washrooms, all in a safe, secure and well lit environment with nightly security provided.

  • On-site service center, chandlery, haul out & boat yard
  • ย Popular On-site restaurant, bar and pool
  • Dockside ValvTect Marine Fuel (duty free fuel available for transient vessels).
  • Fixed concrete and hardwood docks with berthing for vessels up to 150โ€ฒ in length
  • 30, 50, 100 & 200 amp single phase, or 100 & 200 amp 3 phase, 60hz, power.
  • Potable water supplied directly to every dock pedestal and individually metered.
  • Complimentary sewage pump out service available to our customers.
  • Free Marina-wide Wireless Internet.
  • Private changing rooms with showers.
  • Safe, well-lit environment, with nightly security.



Theย GEORGE TOWN YACHT CLUB (GTYC)ย is located on the waterfront at The Barcadere Marina, Grand Cayman, and is the perfect place to relax after a day out on the water, unwind poolside after a day in the office, to share your fish stories or simply hang out with good friends. The Club isย conveniently located near the airportย and a is a great pit stop for breakfast or lunch before a flight.


Barcadere Website
Barcadere Marina Website


Safe Approach for The BArcader Marina from the Sea


Remain at least 200 yards away from the reef at all times and be on the lookout for dive mooring buoys that line theedge of the wall, where the shelf surrounding the island drops off from around 100 feet to several thousand feet deep
1. MOORING BUOY JUST OUTSIDE OF THE MAIN CHANNEL: 019ยบ23.033โ€™N / 081ยบ19.514โ€™W
There is a mooring buoy about 600 yards outside the channel right at the edge of the โ€œdrop-offโ€, this buoy lines up with
the approach through the channel almost perfectly and has about 30 feet of rope hanging off of it. If you are waiting for
a pilot or guidance through the channel this is the best place to moor. The coordinates for the Main Channel are as

2. CENTER OF MAIN CHANNEL OUTER MARKERS: 019ยบ22.7899โ€™N / 081ยบ19.6332โ€™W
Approach the channel at a heading of 205ยบ and maintain that heading all the way through the channel.

3. CENTER OF MAIN CHANNEL INNER MARKERS: 019ยบ22.4433โ€™N / 081ยบ19.7953โ€™W
Continue for a hundred yards on the same heading in order to completely clear the channel before turning to a heading
of 139ยบ and steering to the next waypoint 1.8 miles away, just Northwest of Booby Cay, keeping a lookout for Marine
Park buoys*. Vessels with a draft of less than 5 feet (1.5m) may go directly from waypoint 3 to waypoint 5 at high tide.
4. BOOBY CAY WAYPOINT: 019ยบ20.665โ€™N / 081ยบ18.150โ€™W
Upon reaching the Booby Cay waypoint you will need to turn to a heading of 232ยบ immediately to avoid going into
shallower water and maintain the 232ยบ heading for the rest of the approach, about 4 nautical miles, again remaining on
the lookout for buoys*. This heading will take you directly to the Barcadere channel.

5. CENTER OF BARCADERE OUTER CHANNEL ENTRANCE: 019ยบ18.4298โ€™N / 081ยบ21.1733โ€™W
There are four markers for the Barcadere channel, two outer and two inner markers. They are fixed PVC markers and
stand approximately 4 or 5 feet above the surface of the water, depending on the tide. They are taped with the
requisite red and green reflective tape and also lit accordingly. When passing through them you will see a 40 foot high
lighthouse painted orange and white, with a BLUE flashing light, 0.5 nautical miles dead ahead, it is situated on the
North side of the marina entrance. (NB: the inner red fixed marker has been damaged and temporarily replaced with a
red floating channel marker)

6. CENTER OF BARCADERE MARINA INNER CHANNEL ENTRANCE: 019ยบ18.24834โ€™N / 081ยบ21.4455โ€™W
A stone breakwater has recently been constructed just in front of the marina
entrance and there are red and green buoys marking the channel into the
marina. Upon passing through these marker buoys, make a 90ยบ turn to Port and
then make a sweeping 180ยบ turn to Starboard through the next set of red and
green marker buoys toward the 100โ€™ wide canal leading into the marina basin.
Once inside the marina, vessels should tie up at the marginal dock on the
Starboard side near the travel lift piers, to await Customs and Immigration
clearance prior to proceeding to a slip. If you have already cleared Customs and
Immigration, and know what slip has been designated to you, please feel free to
proceed accordingly. We are standing by on VHF channel 16 and will be happy to
assist with securing your vessel upon your arrival.

* There are several lines of buoys that dissect the North Sound. Some denote the extent of Marine Parks, while two mark
submarine power cables. Approximately 1 nautical mile into the first leg of the approach to the Barcadere, after passing
through the Main Channel and turning to a heading of 139ยบ, you will pass through the first line of marine park buoys
running North-East to South-West. You will pass through this same line of Marine Park buoys again, this time running
North to South, 1.8 nautical miles after reaching the Booby Cay waypoint and turning to the 232ยบ heading on the second
leg of the approach. Continuing on this heading you should be able to see another line of buoys less than a mile off of
your Port side running approximately East-North-East to West-South-West, this line of buoys mark a submarine power
cable, which actually comes ashore at the Barcadere property, and, will be on your Port side the rest of the way as you
continue towards the marina. There is also another line of buoys, running from North to South, marking a submarine
power cable that intersects this East-North-East to West-South-West line just to the South of the Barcadere channel. This
area can become a little confusing, particularly at night, but these second and third lines of buoys are lit and can actually
serve to locate the Barcadere channel very well, now that you know what to look for.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is a good faith attempt to provide the deepest and safest route possible for a vessel
with a draft not exceeding 8 feet (2.4 meters) and is not intended as a substitute for, or in place of official navigational
charts. For details of depths of Cayman Islands waters and Grand Caymanโ€™s North Sound, please refer to official charts.
We also recommend that any vessel with a draft of more than 7โ€™ should only enter or leave the marina on a high tide.

The Bacadere Marina - Cayman Islands - Sponsors the Panama Posse

The Bacadere Marina - Cayman Islands - Sponsors the Panama Posse The Pool at the Bacadere Marina - Cayman Islands - Sponsors the Panama Posse The Bacadere Marina - Cayman Islands - Sponsors the Panama Posse

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