Be Patient be kind

The Port captains office and Immigration office are close together opposite the main ferry terminal. Both speak some English but we found the port captains office totally unhelpful and monosyllabic while immigration were cheerful and helpful. There is a small dinghy dock across from Port captain, 1st one south of ferry dock.

The procedure is as follows :- prices in Peso, Mx, at about 20 to US dollar. At every stage, all your photocopies will be stamped by each department.

Boats registered under a family trust will not be accepted even if your name is on the trust. All vessels must be owned by a person or company only. If the vessel is registered under a company, you will need to present a letter of authorization on company letterhead granting permission to take the boat to Mexico.

You will need to have the boat and the following paperwork with you. You need to have the original AND a 2-3 copies of each of these items as you will be asked to turn in the copies in order to get your permit. Most marinas also require on-the-water boat liability insurance,

  • Passport or Passport Card
  • FMM, temporary resident or permanent resident visa
  • Boat registration or title
  • Motor serial number
  • If there is a lienholder on the boat, you will need to have a letter from the lienholder granting permission to take the vessel to Mexico The fee for the temporary import permit varies slightly from day to day but is around 950 pesos (about $55.00 USD) and can be paid in pesos, dollars or by Visa or Mastercard. The permit is good for 10 years (and is good for multiple entry). TIPs can only be extended one time, therefore the maximum amount of time that a boat can have a valid import permit for Mexico is 20 years

1. Take to Port captain IN DATE originals and 5 photocopies of Zarpe, Crew list, Ships registration and each passport. (Photocopy shop 2 blocks along and 1 back )”

2. Be sent to the hospital to find, or better ask for attendance at the office of, โ€˜international Sanitorioโ€™ for crew medical clearance. Mx150 for taxi or Mx50 tip for attendance. ( this may change during COVID )

3. Go to immigration office โ€“

4. go to the BANJERCITO bank in Cancun to pay Mx585 per person โ€“ return to immigration. Collect and keep receipts. 6 month visa given.

5. Return to port captains office for agricultural clearance, an official in attendance mornings.

6. Ask for customs attendance, probably from Cancun by ferry, wait. Visiting clearance for up to 10 days. Longer is a different procedure for temporary import that has to be done in Cancun.

7. Start Port captain clearance โ€“ go to the bank to pay Mx980, keep receipts โ€“ return and wait. Eventually, after Port captains signature you are done.

Total 4 hours 1st day and 6 hours 2nd day and about $120 total.

Just as well that we cruisers have time on handโ€ฆ

Check out is simpler with only 2 sets of photocopies for immigration and Port captain.

Note, items mentioned or on papers but not physically checked โ€ฆ..

Agriculture .. full fumigation needed if arriving from the southโ€ฆ next time.

Health โ€ฆ. no discharge of grey or black water in Mexican waters.

Otherโ€ฆ $50 fishing permit needed for any fishing in Mexican waters. From Cancun?

Customs โ€ฆ. can only clear for 10 daysโ€ฆ.

Customs โ€ฆ. in theory, you need a photo of ships VIN number, not the registration. Older boats may not have oneโ€ฆโ€ฆ

Temporary Import for more than 10 days is a different department and process.

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