1) Puerto Pedregral, Panama
We entered Panama in Puerto Pedregal. We crossed the bar at high tide Friday morning 28-Dec at Boca de San Pedro. Using the Navionics charts in my e95 Raymarine, we slowly maneuvered the winding river for almost 2 hours. Not something that I enjoyed. When we located the Port Captain, he was very helpful. But without someone who speaks more than passable Spanish, I would be here for another 5 days. First and foremost he indicated we did not notify him of our arrival 48 hours in advance, we can be fined $1,000 each. But he would not do that to us this time. He gave us his email to send that information retroactively, so he would have it in case someone else asked him for it (hmm). moises.rios@amp.gob.pa The customs office is one block away, the agent there was in the US for many years. He doesnโ€™t have much to do there, so he was very helpful and talkative. We needed to get a Sim card, and he drove us to the Mercado. Immigration came (probably from the airport in David) and his process was extremely easy, he meet us in the Customs office. Also the Health department meet us there. It was just myself and Geri, my Spanish speaking crew member. All of this great service was because of the Port Captain making some phone calls. We showed up in the morning and wanted to leave by high tide that night. He did roll his eyes when we mentioned two dogs. The greased wheels came to a halt when we needed to get the cruising permit. It was now noon, we were told to come back at 2 because the gentlemen was not there, when we returned, there was a line waiting for him and he still wasnโ€™t there. It was 3:30 before we were done. Total fees for Health, Immigration, customs and cruising permit for the 4 of us was $307 ($185 for the annual permit). All in all, this was better than expected for the last business day of the year. Since we did not want to traverse that river again and the bar crossing at night, we are staying overnight until the morning tide. Wish us luck. BTW, for the dogs, we had a copy of the Panamian request for home quarantine, and an email to the appropriate Panaimaian department three days earlier of the same document. We also had an international health certificate from the States, their rabies certifications, and more Vet certifications from Mexico and El Salvador. They took a copy of each and did not give us anything in return. When asked, they said, you have all of the proper documentation you need for them. —
Walt & Jeariene


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2)ย  Barra de Navidad, MX
Schooner Winds of the Worlds may be leaving Barre de Navidad, January 5th to head for Acapulco, from there continue around January 16 to Puerto Escondidoย  and Chiapas at the end of the month.This is all assuming that crews show up and stay the course; that has been a struggle.Are you familiar with Marina Cabo Marques in Acapulco?
Thanks, Happy New Year.

WINDS OF THE WORLD3) Panama Posse Christmas, Holiday and New Years

Norwegian New Year’s eve preparation
Finn & May Linn

4) Bahia del Sol, El Salvador

Wine n Down heading in over the Bar to enter the El Salvador Rally party grounds. It’s like hotel California in there and very hard to leave …

Steve & Keri


5) Below are some of the more intriguing New Years eve rituals from PANAMA

Eat 12 grapes at midnight as you eat each one, make a wish. ย 12 wishes for the New Year.

They also say that the grapes will predict how your year will be.ย 
For instance, if your 2nd grape is sour, then February will be a bad month.
But if you get a sweet grape, that month will be a sweet experience. Spit out the grape seeds and count the number of seeds.
You use the number of discarded seeds to determine your lucky lottery numbers.
The lottery is very popular in Panama.

Burn a โ€œstuffed manโ€ in effigy at midnight the traditions is that of the Muรฑecos.
These life sized effigies are an old Panamanian tradition Muรฑecos or Judas Dolls

They are then stuffed with firecrackers and are lit and beaten at the stroke of midnight.
According to folklore, by beating and setting the effigies aflame, the sins and evil spirits of the old year are destroyed.ย 
Making way for good fortune in the new year. The fire crackers are said to help drive the evil forces away, since ghosts are afraid of light and noise.
The Muรฑecos are usually made to look like well-known politicians or movie stars from the outgoing year….

6) Puerto Vallarta, MX
Hello All, I have a close friend/cruiser that recently had a heart attack while in Puerto Vallarta. His 42 Beneteau “Set Me Free” is still there. It has ended his cruising career so I have offered to move his boat back to San Diego where he will sell it. I hope to sail around Feb. 1 and of course, weather dependent, will bash north. If anybody is interested in helping let me know. ( captainstrickley@yahoo.com )
Otherwise have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Rick & Brenda
7) Where is the 2018-2019 Panama Posse Fleet as of Jan 1 2019 ? ( to check in use your status message in LINE ) Mariah – La Paz, MX
Slow Dancer– Marina Vallarta
Nilaya – Manzanillo / Barra
Mai Tai – Tenecatitaย  anchorage 26โ€™ 19 18.121N 104 50.156W 28 boats here
Sea Glub – Barra – with MANY Pananam Posse Vessels
Simple Life – Ixtapa, MX
Epiphany anchored in Zihuatanejo MX at N17 38.2 W101 33.3 in 18′
Madeleine – TPec crossing en route to Chipas, MX
Sprezzatura – Marina Chiapas, MX
Coquette – Between Chiapas and Bahia del Sol El Salvador
La Mustache II – left Huatulco for Chiapas
Wine N Down – Bahia del Sol EL Salvador Toccata -Bahia del Sol, El Salvador Avant – Bahia del Sol, El Salvador
Shearwater – Amapala, Honduras
Octopus Garden – Marina Puesta el Sol, Nicaragua
Knot Right – Vista Mar Marina, Panama Dad’s Dream – Vista Mar Marina, Panama Carinthia – Vista Mar Marina, Panamaย  – waiting for genset repair to start
Secret Water – Vista Mar Marina, Panama

8) Approaching the Entrance of Bahia del Sol – El Salvador

As the southern swells start to build in late winter and approach this coastline they can break heavily on the shores. Approaching from the sea, the channel is not visible. The sight of the breaking waves can be intimidating; however there is a channel which is about 10 to 12 feet deep at high tide.
Do not try to cross this bar without a guide. The bar shifts often and local knowledge is required for a successful transit. Also there are two channels that can be used depending on the swell direction. Notify the rally in advance of your arrival. Call โ€œBill And Jeanโ€ on VHF 16 about 3 miles out from the approach waypoint and they will advise you if the conditions are safe and the time when high tide occurs
(about +40 minutes from the La Libertad tide station; try free WXTide32 http://wxtide32.com – doesnโ€™t work on Windows Vista).
Try to time your arrival with calm swells. Sometimes the entrance is so calm boats have entered under sail. Other times…

Reminder to boats in Chiapas coming to Bahia del Sol. Check in with Bill & Jean in El Salvador in advance. He may ask you to bring down from Mexico (paid cargo, not a a gift). He will give you valuable information on when to arrive and will arrange the pilot for the bar, customs an immigration for your arrival, and inform you of expected conditions for the crossing. Contact via email elsalvadorrally@aol.com .

Rob & Debra


9) Pictures of the Week – SHEARWATER

Volcano Cauldron-ย  Santa Ana – El Salvador

Amapala – Honduras


10) Marina Chiapas, Mexico

Beautiful marina, nice, helpful Manager and personnel. Fantastic restaurant that was packed for late Sunday brunch.
Would not recommend coming in to Marina in dark. Channel marking lights are inadequate. Be prepared for lots of Government attention for checking in immediately when you tie up. All very courteous and professional including the dog brought on board looking for the usual and stowaways.

Intel update. Luis was a driver for a transportation company owned by Miguel who arranged for Dietmarโ€™s van excursion last year. Luis joined another tour company that doesnโ€™t have federally licensed vehicles and federally licensed drivers. And Luis charges more. I just spent 2 hours with Miguel (after spending 5 hours with Luis 2 days ago) and recommend using Miguel. +52 (962) 133 6820
No problems with Luis, I just think Miguel is better.

There is a John Deere tractor dealer in town that has JD oil, antifreeze and diesel fuel lubricity additive needed for older Diesel engines.
Heading to Palenque and San Cristรณbal for the week with Miguel transport there and return $90/2 people each way. Bus is about $30/person.
Leaving in one week for El Salvador.



11) Security Update – Chiapas, Mexico

Thieves attack tourists traveling by bus in state of Chiapas

Six armed men stopped the vehicle and stole passengers’ belongings

Friday, December 28, 2018

A bus carrying tourists from Puebla was attacked by thieves yesterday in Chiapas.
Police said the bus was traveling on the Ocosingo-Palenque highway when six balaclava-clad individuals carrying firearms forced it to stop.
Four of them boarded the bus and began shattering windows and threatening the passengers with their guns.
They took their phones, cameras and cash and fled the scene.
The tourists reported the theft upon their arrival in San Cristรณbal de las Casas.
They had planned to spend three days traveling around the state but changed their mind after the incident, cutting their trip short and heading back home.
The highway is known for such attacks. Tour companies began traveling in convoys during Holy Week last year after 25 German tourists and their guides were robbed.

(note from Carinthia Last season we went on that road and got “stopped” by what seemed liked the entire local town with our tourguide luis swating bullets. All cars and tour buses going through this lawless town are forced to stop – a gate keeper puts down a traffic cone – and in this one small town – we “donated” 20 USD x person and all was fine – it’s considered a road tax and pays for safe passage – this area is not run by the MX govt or local or federal police – so they use a road tax to fund their local needs. Sort of a Robin Hood situation – pleasant – as long as you are pleasant … big tour buses small cars all pay a tax – my buest guess is someone om that tour bus did not want to pay that tax and things escalated ..)

(note from Octopus Garden: Thatโ€™s very common in Chiapas, butโ€™s itโ€™s matter of luck, we didnโ€™t have any issues. Tapachula, where the marina is, i would say is ok to go shopping.)

Chris & Monica


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Dietmar & Suzanne
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