A few emails to the posse have indicated vessels wanting to stay in Mexico longer – and we agree – do that !

Most of the participants have enjoyed Mexican waters, marinas, anchorages for a season or more and find it hard to cast off again. We are simply leaving allowing us to go on a leisurely pace to get to Panama by June and be “below” the hurricane zone. If you are a Baja-Haha participant – you will find our pace much slower – you will have sailed 1,000 nm in about 2 weeks. The Panama Posse will go 2,000 nm in about 6 months – so you can catch up with us – or stay a season in Mexico. – just sign up for the posse for the following – and you will enjoy our best practices from the prior season.

Alternatively if you plan on coming up the coast from Panama – you are aptly named “the COUNTER POSSE” – and we will gladly wave at you as our ships pass and share our knowledge from up north !