We are happy to share the following code with Panama Posse members to receive an instant 60% discount on the purchase of a Safe-xplore PRO Report for any global destination.


Here are a few more details:

Anyone can sign-up, login (and find Apps download links) here:

All users will always receive the most critical metrics – personalized violent crime risks – for free
Current ‘early adopter’ PRO report price is $14.99 ($6 with discount code.) Standard price may increase substantively in the future, but this code will guarantee a 60% discount on any digital product.!!
Please consider this coupon code can (for now) only be utilized in Web purchases, not in-app. (Users just need to login via a standard Web browser when purchasing a PRO report, but the results will be available on all platforms, including iOS and Android apps.
The promo code OPosse60xย  is case-sensitive – please do not disseminate it on social/open platforms.