Fleet Update Dec 6 2017

December 6th 2017


  • From MY EL CAZADOR โ€“ Santa Cruz Marina Huatulco
    We were also just told Santa Cruz marina by Huatulco has fuel. May confirm tomorrow if we stop.
  • From MY EL CAZADOR โ€“ Acapulco
    Just wanted to let you know had very calm seas to Acapulco , refueled and checked out.
    All within a couple hours!  Heading down and plan to start crossing in 24 hours. Should take us 18-24 hours to cross. Weather looks decent.


  • From SV ISLEร‘A โ€“ Currently in EL SALVADOR

Bahia del Sol much safer than Barillas!

We are in Estero Jaltepeque, Bahia del Sol, El Salvador. There are 3 fuel docks here and we purchased diesel a couple of days ago for $2.88 US per gallon much better than Mexico. El Salvador uses US currency.

Bahia del Sol has it all over Barillas. If you need to get repairs or just take an inland trip it is so much easier from Bahia del Sol. Buses are available…. just a 10 minute walk from the dock at the hotel. Last report a taxi from Usulatan to Barillas was not possible because the gangs target the taxies knowing  they just got paid a cash fare as they exit the long dirt lane (road)  through a cane field.

It is much safer and easier in Bahia del Sol. When you request a pilot Bill and Jean from El Salvador Rally will respond with directions. Bill accompanies the pilot so you get to talk to someone in English as you cross the bar.

 If you have any questions contact Bill and Jean at elsalvadorrally@aol.com. Please feel free to email us also at samdevine008@gmail.com. We have been here 2 1/2 years doing upgrades to the boat and enjoying all the opportunities to travel wonderful Central America.

Question from Dietmar โ€“  โ€œQuestion are these robberies daily weekly or did this happen once ?
Also did they just target the local taxis or also other vehicles

Answer-How often, I can’t say. The local taxi driver’s won’t take you from town to the marina because the gang members will stop them once they come back to the road.

 We have spent 2.5 years moored in Bahia del Sol. We have traveled by bus around El Salvador, to Copan, Honduras, around Guatemala, over to Belize and Mexico. All wonderful trips and we do take suggested precautions the same as we would in San Diego, LA, New York or anywhere really. There are always sections of cities or countries that one should avoid. We are adventurous as a ot of cruisers are. We are not crazy.


                We have flown from El Salvador to Peru for 5 weeks. We also flew to Cuba for 3 weeks. You need more time in each country! We                       were able to get some great fares. San Salvador is a hub for Avianca.                                  

                We are hoping to head back to Chiapas in early January for haul out to paint the hull and drop the rudder to make sure everything    is in order. We are hoping that the travel lift will be repaired by then. Boats are stranded in the yard. The lift was damaged in the     Tsunami. We like the yard and the work that they do. The only downside is the heat, no air and no pool! This is also a great place to                leave the boat and do some wonderful inland travel in Southern Mexico.


    Added skillsets

Dual license Professional Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, AC & DC power systems,
Carrying a plethora of tools that a power boat allows (requires).


  • MY CROSSROADS            

To get security information on each country we are visiting, you can enroll in the U.S. State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) on the State Department website and get emails telling you about weather events and violence in all of the Central American Countries you are planning to visit.  I have been getting the email notices  for the last month, and today received one on Nicaragua and one for Honduras….nothing I am worrying about.  These emails also give you better contact numbers for the embassies, so I want to update.


Honduras:  +504 2238-5114; after hours emergency:  same but dial Ext. 4100

Nicaragua:  011-505-2252-7100; after hours emergency:  same


There are two numbers which I have for medical emergencies.

  1. DAN boater.  Cost $100 for one year for family membership.  919-490-2011.  This is only for boating accidents, not medical emergencies.  But it will hopefully get us from boat in a remote location to a local doctor or hospital.  It doesn’t have to be a diving accident.  It has some coverage to get you home as well.
  2. MEDJET..  Worldwide medical repatriation service for accidents and regular medical emergencies.  949 2744111.  6 months family membership is about $595.  This is a bit pricey, but it takes you all the way home.


Both DAN and MEDJET have lots of medical and emergency information you can see online and get by calling them.


There are other medical evacuation services which I am not familiar with.  Many boat policies have some coverage but mine at least is not large.



  • SV Carinthia has had a hard time hearing the net will try again tomorrow at 15:15 UTC on 8,728  please tune in early 15:10 UT  for radio tests


  • SV SYCAMORE Marina Ixtapa Pricing    


30  โ€“ 60 feet   
1 โ€“ 6 days .90 cents + tax per foot
7 โ€“ 29 days .80 cents + tax per foot

30 + days    .70 cents + tax per foot

Electricity .30 cents x Kw

Water  7 USD x 1000 liters(m3)

Dingy dock US 5 x day