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The gobble is a loud, rapid gurgling sound made by male turkeys.ย The 
gobble is one of the principal vocalizations of the male wild turkey and
 is used primarily in the spring to let hens know he is in the area. "

Reflecting on last years Panama Posse Hawaiian dug out turkey at Vista Mar Marina Panama
do not use drift wood to smoke a turkey it overpowers the flavor of the meat …”


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OUR PANAMA POSSE HEAD QUARTERS and you can also anchor out !

3) Nicaragua

Nicaragua, especially the area around Puesta Del Sol, is our favorite place in theย world. We have been there 5 years in a row to visit our friends who own a surf camp and have fallen in love with the area and it’s people. We spent 3 months in Puesta del Sol last year on our sailboat and we will be back again for January and February this coming year.


About the Marina, arrive during the daylight hours. The entrance to the estuary has plenty of water and no bar but the channel is narrow and winding with many sand bars. The Chanel markers may have drifted off course a bit. Call on the radio as you approach. The owner Robert will likely be the one to hail you back. It’s a pretty sleepy operation so if you don’t hear back just keep calling and head on into the dock. Juanita is the hotel manager and she is amazing. She will help with check in. Check in is very easy as the officials come to the Marina. Just a heads up, we did have a young navy official ask for “possible five dollars?” … It was the only time we have gotten a shake down. We gave him five dollars as a Christmas present. We had friends who had fresh brownies made when they arrived and gave those to the officials, and others who offered a Coca Cola. I don’t think the officials get paid very much and overall the country is so welcoming but people are really quite poor. I just wanted you to know ahead of time, maybe it won’t happen but I would hate for your first impression to be unexpectedly tainted.

There is a laundry room at the hotel that takes US quarters but most of the machines were pretty tired. I ended up using the sink and bucket washing, but there is a wonderful patio just outside the laundry room with lines to hang dry all your laundry.

As for renting a car I think there is one in town available for rent. It’s called the Tortuga cause it’s a little green mini car that’s available right in the village. Otherwise you have to get to Chinendega to rent a car. Another option would be to be to contact my friend Chinto who offers personalized tours right from town near the marina. I can connect you through Facebook.

Aserradores, the town next to the marina, is such a special place if you can get connected with the community a little bit. There is a free women’s workout class run by my friend Drew (Chinto’s fiancรฉe) on Monday Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 3 I think. It’s right next to Badaboom Hostel on the main road as you walk out of the marina gate. Next to Badaboom is a house that Tanya served Fritanga BBQ most evenings (so freaking good, and cheap). Up the road is Pablo’s who rents motor bikes with surf racks. He also serves really good traditional breakfast and smoothies. Nearby there are a bunch of great surf breaks… “The boom” on the beach right near the marina palapa and pool. You can dinghy or hire a panga to “the point” at the mouth of the harbor or around the corner to “the island” or “the tree”. If you have a bike or car there is Apposentillo beach. If you spend some time walking along Apposentillo Beach you will likely run into some friendly expats who live on the beach. Just up the road is Nahualapa Bay with nice peeling waves. Stop for a michelada in the hammocks at Tapas and Surf. If you want amazing pizza head up the hill to Al Cielo. If you go right out of the marina gate, ask for Bodhi at the tienda across from the school. He can arrange horse back rides and surfboard rentals and panga trips. A veggie truck will deliver fresh veggies straight to the marina. Just ask Juanita to tell the security guard to flag the truck in. Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays I think, usually around noon. On Sundays there are usually community soccer and baseball games. They are a hoot. A trip to Chinendega is worth it for the amazing baseball games in the stadium and the Flor de Caรฑa rum distillery tour. Also fairly close by is Leon with the beautiful cathedral that you can got to the top of. Also an awesome french bakery and at barefoot hostal you can sign up to go sledding down Cerro negro volcano. The pools at the marina are lovely. If you walk out to the beach palapas and pool, there is a security guard who has a fridge with cold beers and sodas for sale, bring your own snacks and enjoy a lovely sunset. Being bug spray for the walk back through the mangroves. The estuary in Puesta del Sol is calm even during papagayos and the estuary is super fun for wakeboarding off your dinghy or paddle boarding.

Nearby there is a moderate/ strenuous hike to the rim of Volcan Consigueรฑa where you can view the crater lake. It’s beautiful but can be hot. It was a fun outing and when we did it we also stopped at a hot spring, and a restaurant with a whole fried fish lunch. It’s a very traditional meal in Nicaragua. Yum.

Also the colonial city of Leon is a nearby hub. The plaza is neat and the Cathedral is beautiful. Great pictures from the roof that you can access. There is a French Bakery and I believe Cerro Negro brewery is in Leon as well. And the restaurant at big foot hostel had great food as I remember. My friend Chinto would be a great guide to take you to all the gems in the City.

Farther afield, would require some over night trips…

Granada is a colonial city on lake Managua. Beautiful and colorful architecture. Lots of cute shops and restaurants.

From there I think you can take a ferry to Omotepe which is an island made of two volcanoes in the middle of the lake. There are a number of eco hostals on the Island as I understand.

And San Juan del Sur is a cool surf town that you definitely don’t have to go surf to see. You can anchor there as well as check out of the country from there but as the papagayo winds pipe up it can be pretty uncomfortable.ย 
San Juan del Sur

Rowan, Victoria & Crew




Runner up

Sunset two nights ago in the La Cruz anchorage…untouched

Mike & Jacquie



5) Costa Rica


We really loved it because there were so many cool places to anchor for free. We only ever used a marina to do a bit of boat work and check in is free, only cost was transportation to airport for customs, check out was $25 I think.

Some of our favorite spots were…
Playa Cocos for easy check in and provisioning and for family to visit. The pizza at Z Bar is really yummy and the gelateria across the street has the best lemon sorbet I have ever had.
Playa Samara for the howler monkeys, iguanas andย  a gazillion hermit crabs on the little island, the lovely Long Beach Walk to town, the ginger lemonade at Gusto Beach, and the craft beer at the weird garage pub.
Bahia Ballena for the amazing Farmers market at 7am on Saturday in the old yacht club and the bus to Montezuma with the awesome waterfall hike.
Isla Tortuga for the cool island hike, the people watching, and the rum drink in a coconut
Isla jesusita for a very calm anchorage and the tiny glamping lodge that you can dinghy to, super friendly folks, drinks and food on a beautiful deck
Isla San Lucas for the free access to the old prison, soooo creepy, and the beach combing at low tide is insane for colored glass.
Dominical for amazing treehouse Fuego Brewery.
Drake’s bay for hiking and cute little beach town and access to Osa Peninsula rainforest.
Terrible anchorages at Pilon and Matapalo but worth it for some of the best longboard surfing in the world. We anchored outside the swell line and paddled in for long cruisy lefts and right point breaks.
Puerto Jimenez calm anchorage and cute non touristic beach town.
We skipped it but friends went way up into the golfo dulce and found an amazing botanical farm that you can take self guided tours of. There is also a beach where the monkeys will come to visit looking for banana handouts.
Golfito we loved anchoring in front of Banana Bay. The only cost for using the dinghy dock, garbage and shower was having a drink at the bar every now and again. Golfito is sooo calm and protected. We also love the Mercadito Soda on the main road. Casa Roland will let you swim at the pool if you get drinks and lunch. The beach palapas across the water are fun to dinghy over and have a drink and simple meal.
We had no problems with security. We made sure to lock up the boat and dinghy whenever we were out and did not leave the boat unattended at night. Ticos we met were helpful and welcoming.
A lot of folks get turned off by Costa Rica because of the expense (compare to Mexico and El Salvador) and the tourists butย  we loved it.
Rowan, Victoria & Crew




We are stoked to be a part of the Counter Posse this year!

As many people are traveling back from the states after the summer, a couple folks asked me to write up our experience bringing our pet cat from and back to Panama with us. Thought it might be good information for some folks in the fleet.
I am relaying our experience mostly from memory so be sure to double check online to make sure that the regulations have not changed or for your specific travel plans.
Leaving Panama for the USA.
1. Before you purchase your ticket, make sure that the airline you choose does not have any restrictions that would preclude your pet from being eligible. We flew Delta from PTY to SFO. There are some breeds that are ineligible to fly, and the cat must weigh less that 17 lbs and the carrier must be somewhat rigid and fit under the seat. Be sure to reserve a space for your pet. They limit the number of pets in the cabin The cost for most airlines seems to be around $130ย USD.
2. Ten days before you travel take your pet to the vet to get a health check up, update any vaccines and get a health certificate and a form for international travel.
3. You must get this paperwork approved and stamped by the appropriate authorities in Panama City. You will need to provide the stamped originals at the airport. You can also pay a fee and have the Vet do this process for you. The cost is upward of $75ย USD.
4. Arrive early on your day of travel, present documentation and bon voyage! The entrance requirements into the USA were minimal. Just a current health certificate and proof of vaccination.
Traveling into Panama from the USA
THIS PROCESS IS VERY INVOLVED, TIME CONSUMING, AND (depending on how much you love your pet) PRICEY.
1. READ the information on this website to get an idea of the process ahead of you…
2. Before you purchase your ticket, make sure that the airline you choose does not have any restrictions that would preclude your pet from being eligible. We flew Copa from SFO to PTY. There are some breeds that are ineligible to fly, and the cat must weigh less that 17 lbs and the carrier must be somewhat rigid and fit under the seat. Be sure to reserve a space for your pet. They limit the number of pets in the cabin The cost for most airlines seems to be aroundย $130ย USD.

3. Ten days before you travel take your pet to the vet to get a health check up, update any vaccines and get a health certificate and a USDA form for international travel. Make sure you inform your vet that you are traveling to Panamaย 
4. Send your Health Certificate, Proof of Vaccination, and International Travel Documents overnight to the nearest USDA veterinarian. Include payment and return envelope. Or travel in person. In California the USDA office is in Sacramento. Check online for your nearest USDA Veterinarian Office, not all USDA facilities have Veterinarian Services. Have the forms mailed back to you and be sure that the raised USDA seal has been applied to the originals.
5. Mail the Original Documents with payment and return envelope to the Nearest Panamanian Consulate or the Consulate in Washington DC. Have them returned to you at least three days before you travel to Panama.
6. Three days before you arrive in Panama, fill out the form from the Panamanian Ministry of Health to apply for home quarentine. Scan the filled out form and Scan the entire packet of original stamped papers you have now acquired from the Vet, USDA and Panamanian Consulate. And attach them in an email to the Panamanian Ministry of health notifying them that you are importing a pet into the country via plane.ย 
7. Arrive early to check in and present the original paperwork to the airline agent. When you arrive at Tocumen Airport you must plan to arrive between 8am and 5pm when the Airport Veterinarian is on duty or plan to wait in the baggage claim area until they arrive. Pay fees for Veterinarian examination and home quarentine. The home quarentine is 6 weeks you must keep your pet indoors/away from other animals for the entire time.ย 
8. Get your pet back to your Panamanian home and take a nap!
It’s way easier to import a pet to most other central American countries, or better yet, have someone petsit while you are away.
Good luck!

Or I guess now I’m the
Crazy cat lady who refused to leave her 14 year old fur baby behind.

Rowan, Victoria & Crew



7) Las Perlas, Panamaย 

Hola Posse. As promised some color on our recent 3 night trip to Las Perlas from Vista Mar.


1st Night secured a mooring ball in front of hotel at San Jose. Tried calling on vhf to pay for ball-no answer. Good secure ball . Used lots if extra scope. Very rough rolly night but safe spot.


ย  2nd Night between Chapera and Mogo Mogo (TV SHOW survivor island).
Nice spot.sand but good holding. Got down to 9ft at low tide. No roll but strong tidal currents. Lots of scope


3rd night. Sabago. Anchored amongst local boats. Good hard bottom and calm spot. Plenty of water.
Flagged down nice well groomed local young man in passenger panga.Brought us ashore for fair local lunch. Picked us up later for ride to Contadora for excellent meal at German place called Geralds. He thenbrought us 50 gallons of diesel in am. Name is Jaime(Jimmy)
+507-6450-7184. Highly recommend.


No fuel at private fuel dock on west side of Contadora despite what Navionics says.

Hope this helps.ย  Chris & Anne



Dad’s Dreams is in Vista Mar Marina on the hard. We’re veraciously attacking the blisters in our bottom. A total bottom “tear off”, new gelcoat, and antifoul paint is in progress. Hoping to be back in the water within a month and out visiting the Las Perlas
(where we left off last season with Xenia) before crossing the Canal and heading to San Blas islands.

Dad's Dream

During last Wednesday’s potluck we heard there are 3 other boats in the marina with the same intention. Should be a fun season.ย 


We did hear of one boat struck by lightning just recently while out at Isla Contadora (Las Perlas).
He is back in the marina doing repairs.


A new mechanic Olie, has taken roots here in the marina and comes highly recommended. He also has a few small apartment type rooms for rent only 15 min beach walk from the marina. Very convenient if you want off the boat for a few days or even a week.
Good luck and fair winds to all heading this way.ย  Miss you guys!!! Rick & Brenda



and passage notes from Marina Puesta del Sol Nicaragua to Marina Papagayo, Costa Rica

the always majestic view of Cabo Santa Elena

We left Marina Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua on high slack tide at around 0400 on Thursday the 14th headed for Marina Papagayo. It was a quick 26 or so hour trip sailing / motor sailing. Ever since a (probably innocent) encounter we had with a panga in the bay of Tehuantepec we have been a little nervous when we see a panga tracking parallel to us for an extended period of time and about 15 nm northwest of Corrinto we had just that. This panga about 1/2 mile out of our starboard quarter for about 1-1/2 hours as we were sailing, tracking our same speed. I decided to kick our speed up a notch and start the motor. We were now doing about 7 knots for another 45 minutes and he was still there. Finally as we approached Corrinto, I saw two or three more pangas from Corrinto join him and they all stopped at a 4th panga that was already on station with fishing gear….whew!ย  As we passed Corrinto we watched a large thunderhead form off of our port side. It grew and grew until it resembled something I have only seen drawings of in weather books. It had a half-doughnut at the bottom with a gap then, fingers of clouds curling over the doughnut and above that a dark, nasty looking, billowing monster. Finally, all of the moisture being kept in the updraft came pouring down and completely obscured the shoreline. We skirted the edge and only got a few raindrops but as the monster passed astern we had an amazing lightning show for a couple of hours as night fell. If not for the panga paranoia, we may have ended up on the wrong end of the “Chubasco” as Nicaraguans apparently call them. November is the transition from the wet to the dry seasons so this was the tail end of the big storm cells. On the entire Nicaraguan coastline we only saw one long line and it was well, unlike the Guatemala long line mine field but saw many turtles and tons of dolphins! There was a very mild Papagayo blowing north of the Santa Rosa peninsula and we swung into Bahia Santa Elena for a quick look just after daybreak.ย  This is a stunning, completely undeveloped bay almost entirely surrounded by steep, lush hillsides. As we continued around the peninsula and rounded the south side on the approach to Marina Papagayo it was blowing a steady 25 knots and gusting higher. We are glad we poked our head into the Bay as the Papagayos are blowing for the next week and it would be very difficult to get back that direction right now. We are now tucked in a marina slip in Bahia Culebra and planning a few days of land trips to explore northern Costa Rica!

Marina Papagayo

Bob and Joan



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