1) Marinas which sponsor the Panama Posse
and offer discounts to all participants lives here


  • Marina Puerto de La Navidad โ€“ Barra de Navidad โ€“ Mexico
  • Marina Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta โ€“ Mexico
  • Marina Chiapas โ€“ Mexico
  • Marina Bahia del Sol โ€“ El Salvador
  • La Palma Moorings โ€“ Bahia del Sol, El Salvador
  • Marina Puesta del Sol โ€“ Nicaragua
  • Marina Papagayo โ€“ Costa Rica
  • Banana Bay Marina โ€“ Costa Rica
  • Golfito Marina Village an IGY Destination โ€“ Costa Rica
  • Vista Mar Marina โ€“ Panama
  • Shelter Bay Marina โ€“ Panama
  • Red Frog Marina โ€“ Panama

2) Winner of the prestigious 2018-2019 

WELCOME TO PANAMA & Vista Mar Marina !

Here in Panama there are a lot of vessels prepping for the Puddle Jump to the Marquesas and luckily one of the vessels is skippered by a doctor  who speaks on all sorts of medical topics on the local morning net at Vista Mar Marina. 
He recently shared with us details about Antibiotics which he keeps on board and when he would use them.


Boat stores:40 tablets 500 mg
Infections of the skin and periphery-infected cuts, stabs, thorns, legs and arms.
Dosing: 1 pill every 6 hours till redness gone plus one day then stop. Also letโ€™s say a penetrating wound or open wound.
This is the antibiotic to use for prophylaxis.


Boat stores:250mg. 20 tabs 2nd line but powerful.
Reason: can be associated with tendon tears, peripheral nerve and central nerve issues later on.
Pneumonia, severe uti, urogenital infection, kidneys, anthrax, plague, severe stomach infections, chronic bronchitis
Dosing: for pneumonia or severe infection:750mg once a day. For Uro 250mg once a day for 3 days. GI issue: 500mg x 3-5 days.


Boat stores: 250mg 20 tabs
Acute sinusitis, pneumonia, respiratory infections but also gonorrhea, chlamydia Lyme disease
Dosing: Always taken same way: 500mg first day, then 250 each day after. Usually for 5 days

Bactrim DS

Boat stores: 850mg. 40 tabs
Urinary tract infection, meningitis, salmonella

Penicillin V

Boat stores:
500mg. 50 tabs
Pneumonia, strep throat, some skin infections
Dosing: Adults 250-500mg every 6 hrs for 5 days
Kids age 6-teens 250mg every 6 hrs for 5 days
Kids 2-6 125mg every 6 hrs for 5 days


Boat stores: 500mg 40 tabs
Amoebic disease, Acute appendicitis, guardia,


Boat stores: 100mg 40 tabs
Pneumonia, respiratory and tick borne diseases
Dosing:1 pill q12 hours 10-14 days and malaria prophylaxis one pill once a day start one day prior to entering endemic areas and continue for 4 full weeks afterwards


Boat stores: amoxicillin/clavulanate 500mg/125mg 40 tabs
Sore throats, strep, sinusitis and pneumonia
Dosing: 500mg every 12 or 250mg every 8 hrs

Acute Appendicitis.
Combine the Metronidazole and Levoflaxacin for 10 days using the standard dosing regime of each respective medic

Doc no longer on call as he is about to head into the sunset

4) Bahia Potrero, Costa Rica


For those who want to go one bay south from cocos,  bahia Potrero call Jeff Herrman at the Costa Rica Sailing Club 
506 8699 7289 jeff@costaricasailingclub.com he says
We are working on increasing our moorings now. 
Hopefully by the time some of you start to arrive we will be ready for you. 
The whole bay is a pretty great anchorage and one of the best protected bays in Costa Rica.

Just up around the corner is the start of the Gulf of Papagayo and it is famous for the winds that blow December through March.
We get some of that wind but our protection is great and the sea commonly remains flat without much swell.
He also said he can provide water taxis and watches for your boat, I have a good friend living ashore for the last six months and knows him well
The location on shore is 10.44682N 85.77324W,  The depth is 15-25โ€™
their rates are $20/night >50โ€™, $15/night<50โ€™, no scheduled water taxis but be arranged , they do have a night watch

Argan & Gloria


5) Pictures of the week from Mexico

Simple Life at Ixtapa Island – photos taken by Epiphany !

Blessed at anchor in Zihuatanjeo, MX

George & SuzanneEPIPHANY

(note: taking a picture of a fellow PanamaPosse vessel at sunset, at anchor or under full sail is guaranteed to increase your maritime karma)

7) Overheard on the “panamaposse” LINE this week


                            Ay Caramba! Is in Tenacatita. What is a must stop here?


Must stop is our bonfire right now on the beach!!

( 64 Panama Posse members are actively chatting 24/7 in this app even though they are 2500 nm apart )
Weekly fleet call tomorrow Jan 28th @ 16;00 UTC  get it from http://line.me

8) Tenecatita, MX

Woodwind 1 has their burgee

Brian & Tracy


Antipodes has their burgee

Ian & Aldo


Providencia has their burgee

Peter & Angel


9) Reminder on high risk dinghy and outboard theft areas :
Last season dinghy and outboards where compromised in the following locations
– please always lock your dinghy and hoist them up and lock them at night – everywhere – every time  !

Las Hadas Marina, Mexico

Puerto Huatulco Anchorage, Mexico

Bahia Dominicalito, Costa Rica

10) Please reply to this email with any  updates and we’ll include it in the next Fleet Updates

Dietmar & Suzanne
SV Carinthia

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