1) Picture of the week / big fish of the week !

Picture of The Week / Big Fish of The Week!

We went south for 50 miles from Huatulco and then crossed the Tuhantapec 
keeping 30 miles offshore. Dodged lots of turtles. Caught big mahi

Chris & Anne


2) Longline Alert, MX

Destination just ran into long liners off of Puerto Angel Mx. 

15 35.474 N, 096 32.822 W


Chris & Anne


Vessel Locations as of Jan 23, 2019 

Mariah – San Blas

Charly – La Cruz, MX

Seaglub – Tenacatita, MX

Single D – Tenacatita, MX
Firefly – Barra de Navidad, MX
Figment – Barra de Navidad, MX
Blessed – Barra de Navidad, MX
Slow Dancer – Barra de Navidad, MX
JO – Barra de Navidad, MX
Singularity – Barra de Navidad, MX
Blue Oasis – Barra de Navidad, MX
Floating Stones – Chiapas,  MX

Mai Tai – Chiapas,  MX

Destination – Chiapas,  MX

Madeleine – en route to Marina del Sol, El Salvador 

Raven – Marina del Sol, El Salvador 

Avant – Marina del Sol, El Salvador 

Taliesin Rose – Marina Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua 

Shearwater – Marina Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua 

Harizon – Marina Papagayo, Costa Rica
Sprezzatura – Quepos, Costa Rica
Happy Dance – Puerto Azul Marina, Costa Rica 

La Mustache II – En route to Vista Mar Marina, Panama 

Carinthia – Vista Mar Marina, Panama (T minus 7 days from generator repair completion and then heading back up to Barra de Navidad, MX)

Knot Right – Vista Mar Marina, Panama
Xenia – Las Perlas, Panama 

4) Weather Links from SEAGLUB 






Then of course there is windy.tv (but use Gusts for wind forecasts) and even just weather.com 

Of the links above I believe you can get the NOAA reports via sail mail,
these are the same reports Geary reads on Sonrisa / Amigo nets.

Chris & Monica


5) New Anchorage – Golfito, CR 



 @ 8°37.988N 83°10.440   20′ of water. Tide about 6′. No swell.

Finn & May Linn


Manuel Antonio Park, Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio Park, Costa Rica

6) Manuel Antonio Park, Costa Rica ( for details and comments follow this link)  


World-famous Manuel Antonio National Park founded in 1972 – 
one of the most picturesque anchorages along this route 

BUT please follow the rules !

– best to arrive after 4:30 PM as park closes anchor get settled and wait till the next morning to go ashore

– DO NOT ARRIVE ON MONDAYS  ( park is closed & rangers are on site !) – DO NOT GO ONSHORE ON MONDAYS   ( park is closed & rangers are on site !) – DO NOT GO ASHORE AFTER 5 PM  ( park is closed & rangers are on site !) 

– monkeys and sloth on the beach(es)
- watch out for all the wild animals
- don’t bring food we saw raccoons get into a bag an grab it  and ran off into the jungle
- don’t feed the animals
- $ 8 dollar anchorage fee 
- $ 16 park fee per person per day


Pay fees online at  www.sinoc.go.cr or at the pay station 75 meter from the exit of the park – 
call +506 8937 – 9657 ask for Roger Murillo tell him you are with the panama posse 

We anchored near SV Myla’s Spot @ 09 22.942 N 084 08.855 W in 11 feet;

The Park ranger hailed us on VHF 16 in Spanish,  we arrived on a Friday afternoon around 2.33 PM and told us that we had to pay a park fee and anchorage fee.  The park was closing at 4 PM and so due to the safety of the vessel explained that I had no time but would stop by the entrance first thing the the next day and would pay for $16 per person for normal Park daily entrance fee and the one time $8.00 USD anchorage fee.

Had a lovely time at anchor and dropped the dinghy at 7 am as the park opens and we landed it near high tide at 09° 22.8619′ N 084° 08.8114′ W and locked it up !

We then walked along the beach towards the park trail and main entrance 09°23.4583 N,  084°08.7133 W.

I would not recommend any of these anchorage in any swell over 5 feet because the swell wraps around and can make things pretty rolly. You may need to use a stern anchor if you are a mono hull.

Spoke  with Ranger Roger Murillo, you can contact him on his cell at +506 8937 9657; or email roger.murillo@sinac.go.cr , his colleagues speak English. Our recommendation is to arrive at the anchorage after 4:30PM ( everyone is gone ) and you simply go in the next morning and pay.

The Park can take at least a half day to explore, waterfalls, exotic birds, Raccoons, families of Monkeys and of course sloths. 

There are many official Park Rangers who can direct you to find your favorite animals. 
You can also hire a  personal guide for $25 USD.  Bring water ( no food ) and your binoculars.

Dietmar & Suzanne

7) Live Weather & safety chats every Monday at 16:00 UTC in the Panama Posse LINE Group 

Tehuantepec – Papagayos – El Salvador Bar crossing – Punta Mala –  a.m.o 


8) Open CPN – for those seeking a backup Navigation system on a very cruiser friendly budget

Visit https://panamaposse.com/open-cpn  and follow the instructions.

To get your GPS position onto a windows/mac laptop for less than $30 get this unit
GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver Amazon Link: http://a.co/d/8RJGxoK

A very big thank you to SV LIQUID  ( Marc & Laura )  currently en route to Playa Cocos

for creating over 2.7 Gig’s of free Satellite Chart-lets to
overlay into Open CPN for your voyage down the coast
– available from https://www.panamaposse.com/open-cpn

Satellite Chart

9) Please reply to this email with any updates , suggestions , news – and we’ll include it in the next Fleet Updates

Dietmar & Suzanne

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