1) Ahoy from Mexico Panama Posse, Madeleine left Barra Dec 3rd for Carrizal Bay. Arrived just before dark set in. Found Simple Life there and AIS ed Sonomara in Santiago Bay. Pos was 19 05.68 N 104 26.19 W depth 12.8 m. Had a nice night. there is room for more boats than Capt Rains suggests. Dec 4th went to Punta Cabeza N North, also with Simple Life. Could sail from 7-9 am with genoa and main. Then tried the spi but the wind was too light. Had our first (on this trip) long line at 18 52.84 N 104 08.00 W. Easy to remove from our port transom. Luckily we were on SB engine alone, so no problem. Only a shouting fisherman. Pos at Cabeza 18 36.32 N 103 41.96 W, depth 11 m. Again a peaceful night, but maybe a bit rolly for monohulls. We left at 7 am. I do not think we are going to make it to Caleta de C., Days are rather short and we mostly run one engine 1800 rpm. We will head for Maruata Bay.



Huibert & Maaike
HubertMAAIKE SV Madeleine

2) Zihuatanejo, MX – Turtle Release event(s)

As more vessels area heading south toward Zihuatanejo please be sure and plan to set up yoru very own Panama Posse Turtle Release Bar on Playa La Madera.
Hatch Each season these hatchlings try to avoid the birds and other predators who feast on them – so the local bar collects them during the day and puts them in a big blue bath tub -as the night approaches and margaritas are mixed – they are released from your very own hands. Seven of eight Sea Turtle species are present in Mexico. Baby sea turtles hatch about 40 to 50 days after the mother turtle lays her eggs. Sea turtles are generally released after dark. Thatโ€™s because there are less predators such as birds that can kill and eat them. Fewer than 10% of these turtles live to be adults – but will return to the very place they left from many years later. So help a tiny creature out will ya ? Look for the Panama Posse Tag in the bar on the beach and take a picture. For details about Zihuatanejo – be sure to visit SV Liquid’s excellent write up at http://www.svliquid.com/zihuatanejo.html


 babyturtles copy

Guerrero, Mexico (Playa La Madera – turtle release beach ~ 17 38.33 N 101 33.16 W)
Marc & Laura Marc




3) We are now officially at 59 vessels ! and as the 18-19 season gets underway we hope that you come across more vessels who will enjoy the benefits of being part of the Posse. For an up to date list of sponsors please visit www.panamaposse.com/sponsors

Last season's Panama Posse vessels crossing the bar into Bahia del Sol, El Salvador copy

Burgee 4) Marina Puerto de La Navidad, Mexico – our Mexican Headquarters has made us a deal ! Thanks to Harbormaster Secundino and Gm Juan Carlos – you can enjoy the following PP discount throughout their high season (Dec – May) $ 16 x foot x month ( minimum stay 15 days ) $0.84 x foot x day ( short term rate ) Barra If you plan on having family / friends visit you at this luxury resort $110 x night incl. taxes and this resort is very classy with multiple pools / spa / golf / tennis a.m.o. Golf


golf at Marina Puerto de La Navidad, Mexico copy
For Marina details – approach and contact info https://panamaposse.com/start For resort and amenities details (- 45 minutes from Manzanillo Airport) at https://www.islanavidad.com.mx/site/US/index.php Harbormaster Secundino Alvarez Harbormaster

Secundino Harbormaster

Secundino Alvarez




Annual Salvador Rally Bill and Jean copy

5) El Salvador Posse folks, when youโ€™re heading south from Chiapas and planning a stop in Bahia del sol – El Salvador, contact Annual Salvador Rally (Bill and Jean picture below) to arrange a pilot over the bar. Bill and Jean Also, contact them a few days in advance to get their requests from Mexico (not as charity, but as paid cargo for the passage). For example, good tequila is expensive and harder to find in El Salvador and Bill is always looking for a good source of supply (Note: from Devon Thurtle Anderson … Bill always wants his Velveeta! ) To get your mooring ball from Bill & Jean visit http://www.goodnautical.com/el-salvador/mooring/bills-moorings-la-palma-moorings-bahia-del-sol-el-salvador


Use their pilot - to go in - and only when the swell is low ( under 3 feet )


Bar from the air Use their pilot – to go in – and only when the swell is low ( under 3 feet ) Bar Last season’s Panama Posse vessels crossing the bar into Bahia del Sol, El Salvador ! Pool Party Yep – fun in the shady part of the pool at the Sponsor Marina del Sol, El Salvador – For reservations and info go to http://www.goodnautical.com/el-salvador/marina/marina-hotel-bahia-del-sol Rob & Debra





he LINE system allows for up to 200 live conference call participants copy


6) Panama Posse Weekly Line Net – we currently have 38 vessels taking part MONDAY’S at 16:00 UTC via LINE ( go to line.me and download the app works on WIN/MAC/IOS/ANDROID ) – Register using your vessel name as the USERNAME SV CARINTHIA – Search for panamaposse or SV Carinthia or Seaglub and befriend us
– wait and accept your panamaposse GROUP INVITE – send us your position via the message system and listen to the vessel check ins (all free as long you have IP connectivity which we now know is pretty much all along the central American coast) – the LINE system allows for up to 200 live conference call participants ! Line

Isla Tigre, Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras. I copy

7) Isla Tigre, Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras. I Itโ€™s nice here a great change of pace. Itโ€™s a wonderful calm anchorage. No fee to clear into Honduras. PICTURE OF THE WEEK !!! Picture of the Week What a feast ! meal


feast at Isla Tigre, Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras. copy

Isla Tigre, Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras. I copy


El Tigre Anchorage details at http://www.goodnautical.com/honduras/anchorage/isla-el-tigre-n-amapala Jim & Suzy JimSuzy SV Octopus Garden 8) THE PANAMA POSSE Songlist of all vessels is filling up “If I had a Boat”, Lyle Lovett: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4evzpIVnMVs & of course, “Footloose”, Kenny Loggins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyD8BxoB2To go ahead…. “cut loose, Footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes” —
Michael & Lisa


Boat Mechanics in Barra de Navidad, MX copy

9) INFO -> Boat Mechanics in Barra de Navidad, MX
These guys are working on a large boat next to ours in Barra de Navidad. Just sharing as a resource for others.

MechanicGeorge & Suzanne





feast at Isla Tigre, Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras. copy

10) Please reply to this email with any updates – news – contenders for picture of the week – songs and we’ll include it in the next Fleet Updates Dietmar’Suzanne

DietmarCARINTHIA suzanne

Dietmar & Suzanne SV Carinthia Burgee



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