Ahoy Capt. Pat

WE LOVE YOUR BOOKS  & thank you for your email !

Attached are a few docs to help your readership’s adventure quest and future stories.

We are a self organized group of mariners โ€“ we are sized from 27 โ€“ 225 feet
as you can see from https://panamaposse.com/vessels

Next years posse group is  getting ready too at


  SIGN UP โ€“ with title sponsor marina  providing 15-50% slip fee discounts โ€“ and more to come โ€“ title sponsor BARRA DE NAVIDAD – all we ask you by a burgee  for your vessel.

Our mission is on the front page

Our tentative route is thus far @ (LEAPFROG TIMELINE) under


Our specific ports are under


Several vessel will run communications  on a voluntary basis.

Several vessel will update WEATHER & VESSEL  tracking on a voluntary basis.

THERE ARE NO SET DATES โ€“ we hope to leave late Nov โ€“ early Dec 2017 and get to Panama in 2018 ( June )

We are NOT governed by time BUT by weather – government regulations –  safety – fun and fellowship.

We will post party and journey pictures as they occur.

Our concept is one of โ€œorganized leapfroggingโ€


Warm regards,

captain   |   yachtmaster d i e t m a r     (just one of the posse)








From: Pat Rains
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 11:20 PM
To: ****@panamaposse.com
Subject: Media request for graphics


Hola, Panama Posse,

Congrats on your new cruisers rally. Iโ€™m the author of โ€œMexico Boating Guideโ€ and โ€œCruising Ports: the Central American Route,โ€ so Iโ€™m all excited for your new venture. Buena Suerte, yatistas.

I also write lots of articles and columns in nautical magazine. Right now Iโ€™m doing my Mexico Report column in SEA Magazine on your Panama Posse, to give you some good free press. I tried to register as the boat Angelโ€™s Pearl as a media person, but donโ€™t think that worked. I also signed up for your Newsletter, but that wonโ€™t help in time, because my article goes to press next week and comes out in November. I have tons of photos and charts of Barra and the whole route, but what I really need is a high resolution image of either your colorful burgee, or the route map showing the route with little anchor symbols. If you could send one or both of those to me, as a JPG or TIF, Iโ€™d appreciate it, along with permission to use them to get the word out for you.


Pat Rains